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By greatjay
I had read a post on here about coming up with an electronic receipt card so that if we made a purchase at a store, we could some how store our transaction into that card thereby eliminating the need for paper receipts.

I found this very interesting and just wonder by what means we could possibly read information from the store machines without all the stores having to install some kind of software. I thought about achieving this by using infared, and since stores already have and use this technology, the cashier could transfer the transaction via this means. But then I also thought about using bluetooth. Either way, this would be doable as long as the electronic card is able to read data from the store machines almost in the same fashion that the store machines are able to read our credit card information. But in this case, we want the card to copy information regarding out transaction.

If anyone on here know what technology might be able make this a reality, please share your thoughts.
By sammeli
I don't know if this is any how helpful but something that would be compatible with all machines that print thermal paper prints would be a reader inserted into that thermal paper slot (or thermal printer replacement hardware if thermal printers are standard)... then the reader could bluetooth (or whatever) or print copy of the read receipt if necessary. (hardware instead of software update)

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