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By Bertromavich

1. As is known it takes combinations of elements to make materials that exist in nature.

2. It is known that gravity effects the attraction of smaller masses to larger ones.

3. It is also known that like elements attract to like elements.

4. Further more it is known that in radioactive elements reactions are present within elements.

5. It is known also that elements can only form combinations with certain elements.

We can create a simulated like elements.
We can we can use the simulated like elements to cause reactions.
I need a formula that can prove to explain this principle so that other scientists can repeat it.

By taking the strength of gravity to an element then calculate which atomic weight is equal to the strength of gravity at orbiting distance of that element can be used as the attraction point of a simulated element. Example by taking an element that attracts carbon at its orbiting distance and one that attracts oxygen you would get fire when these two orbiting elements touched.

Various other applications could be amassed if we shrunk the scale of how we view gravity to a molecular scale. And use it to predict the orbiting content of each atom.

It is justified in saying that when a particle of hydrogen or helium enter our atmosphere from above it can grow through developmental stages, making it’s selves into more larger elements. If this process is natural then using it to create orbiting atoms around gravitating elements is not impossible. It is actually likely that many chemistry experiments left out the possibility of a piggybacking element. In their search to find pure substances to be used in controlled experiments they missed the grandeur of using elements in conjunction with others that replenish themselves on a regular basis. I can’t tell how this lunar chemistry will work with solids and liquids but I can tell you that if you have a solid it will attract an orbiting gaseous element.

One experiment might be to see whether one can collect such transparent properties from vacuumed pure elements in a vacuumed chamber filled only with hydrogen and helium and O3. Which is where my calculations take place when hydrogen combines with O3 and breaks down or builds up.

Another experiment might be to allow this theory of properties to be used in material engineering so that the combinations of mixed properties can be made clear. Let take simple gaseous properties that should be relatively simple to orbit like H and O and then take the elements that they orbit due to gravity and orbiting velocity, put them in close proximity and see if we can’t make water. Or for the space shuttle that needs oxygen to power its thrusters see if we can’t find a way to combine O and C using two elements in close proximity to make fire.

My friend Jack made a point that in order to do this one would have to create an ideal environment for the reaction to take place.

No matter how much I would like to find reactions that can take place in our living environment, he’s right to say so in order to achieve a full experimentation.

Now this theory is based on a single atom to another if you want to use like elements together, you have to figure in the full atomic weight and type of element. Say if you take an iron cores atomic weight and calculate what type of elements would combine first to it and then to that and then to them, all the while making the orbiting elements attracted to them all. The beginning element of control is relevant only to the end equation of an orbiting element when all the compositions started by the first element are calculated, as they would combine in a space environment. This was the Earth for my example.

If you think about it the Sun is a combination of elements holding in place many orbiting layers and the earth has an orbiting layer but its atomic weight is comparatively small and likely the end result. If one were to start this experiment with plasma one might see particles trying to form in the environment making it unclean but they are only trying to start the combination process that leads to orbiting elements.

May I suggest a mini-universe be made now?
By Bertromavich
I did some further thinking about this idea and have come to an assumption that in order cause orbiting elements you must put the parent element in motion according to the spin of planets according to their mass and speed. With the mass and speed of the parent element in proportion to its size compared to a planet.
By Highguard01
neochemistry my little bit i can share

old chemistry uses this bonding and mixing of chemicals so new must be defferent nothing resembling that or it would just be improved chemistry.
perhaps everything is seperated an delevered threw light like in a computer. this would be neochemistry you take the light put it to area and it replenishes the area
like a photo copier can paint a picture instead of inc actoul dna and whatever was needed would be delevered you could even take somone and change there whole image with it this is neo chemistry

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