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By that'smyQueue!
How to prevent tooth decay? Learn how to brush your teeth! How often have I tried to teach my kids how to brush their filthy little fangs, and do they do it? I despair! Will they let me brush their teeth? No! SCREAM! I want to buy a toothbrush that talks in a fun way, that teaches them... possibly by singing a little jingly tune... Front teeth top, front teeth bottom, back teeth right top... up down, up down, (not side-ways) the tune/instructions lasts for 2 minutes.

The brush itself could glo in the dark, be shaped like Scooby- whatever! Just help my kids to get ALL their teeth brushed, especially at the gum line. If battery-powered, please include 4 inter-changeable heads! I can never find the right heads to buy for novelty brushes that cost a fortune but only last a few weeks before their brush gets all misshaped.

Reward: Kids wont suffer from tooth ache... Just let me know the idea is being taken up!
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By Greenearthman
This is a really great idea, if the song was easy to sing along to and said how to brush you know 10 strokes here, 10 strokes there, etc. it would have a great impact on the world

some people dont know how to properly brush them teeths, awesome idea, you posted this idea 7/19/04 have anything happened since then since i am posting a reply 5/07
By brush buddies
Your idea is now a real product. I developed Brush Buddies: an educational talking toothbrush for kids. We have animal characters that talk to kids for 2 minutes and the animal characteres educate kids on the proper brushing habbits. Brush the upper teeth, brush round and round, the inside, the outside, right side, left side, etc. Everything is timed, and each character provides a different message with the end result to make sure kids brush their teeth for 2 minutes. Check out the product at
By BernardII
This is really an awesome idea but i think some precaution are recquired as the product consists of two parts, a tooth brush and a sound unit.
#The sound component must be installed in a high position where water cannot wet it.
#In the event of the toothbrush not being in use for a long time while the battery is inserted, battery leakage could damage it, so it is advisable to remove the battery for separate storage when not in use for a long period.
#After brushing, the head should be washed thoroughly in running water and kept in a dry place.
#Do not boil it as the bristle head may become deformed.
#When there is no noise from the sound unit, check whether the battery is inserted correctly, and if there is nothing wrong, try replacing the battery with a new one when a recording is not successful, and replace thebattery in the sound unit.
#The sound unit must never be allowed to get wet. The manufacturer will not be held responsible if the product is damaged by allowing it to get wet.
#When the product cannot function during normal use by the consumer, it will be repaired free of chage by the manufacturer or place of purchase within the warranty peirod.
#The purchaser must however pay forrepairs in the event of breakage due to negligent use or natural disaster.
#The warranty period shall be for a period of one year from the date of purchase.
By johnw2738
Just remember to choose Soft stains tooth brush for child's and for your own self too, it will avoid damaging gums, and choose a sensitive tooth past like Synsodine :)

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