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Hello!! Maybe one of the biggest goals for humanity will be to insure the survival of mankind; and all life and to spread life throughout the universe. What we should be doing is creating bacteria and plant life that can live in Titan, Saturn's largest moon. I would suggest we get bacteria already most suited to conditions like Titan and slowly create Titans apnosphere, and allow our bacteria and microbes to adapt. even if 99% of all the bacteria and microbes are killed by the incredibly slow introduction of Titans apnosphere the 1% will be more resistant and over time we could create bacteria that could live in Titan. Then we should get vast tanks filled with the Titan bacteria, spongy moist sugary tanks that can support bacteria and microbe life for 100's of years. Then launch many of these tanks that will land on Titan. Once these have landed small holes will open allowing bacteria to slowly escape into Titan.

Why should we do this? Well we know that evolution on earth results in creatures like us; mammals, reptiles, dinosaurs, etc. If an asteroid hit earth tomorrow we couldn't stop it; all life in the known universe would end, life may never happen again. If we seeded Titan with life, then Life would survive!! a part of humanities work would survive. Bacteria may also help stabilize the planet (like trees regulate our apnosphere) and maybe one day will help us colonise Titan.

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