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By DIRNthelord
i like if my car has no wheels. now all will think i watched a movie. but we can achieve this.if we virtually introduce enough mass to earth or whatever we want we can do this.we need enough EM or mass to do we can't introduce another moon like mass to earth because it leads to some major problems,we can think about EM power.not a magnet but something like a magnet.we can place this under our vehicle and can go anywhere.we won't need any metal carpeted roads,just even the gravel road.we can also remove the batteries from the car and have a little 50V battery just to start the ,lets say engine,and it will also constantly produce enough power as we ride. If we get this done we can also cut our Rocket fuel.just the ship.
and i think i have an another idea how to get this thing done.if anyone interested send me a mail -
I really need to build this,

Reward: Help with all i need o build this
By InVokerGray4U
:-? Gravity drives are unpractical for small crafts. Magnetic differential drives might be more probable, with the tec we have now.
Gravity is a veary weak force, it would take a lot of energy to get any thing use full out of it.
Like a sterling engine, difference in voltages can be used to make amps(power) for us. every spot has its own charge and magnetic field.
An opposing static field will absorb that charge, an opposing magnetic field will give you lift.

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