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By lp115lp
I read of a simpler design for a telescoping rescue boom for helicopters in NASA Tech Briefs over a decade ago. Trouble was - once the line (holding a floating sling) was deployed (and missed) retrieval would take precious minutes and 1 or 2 extra crew-persons.

I designed an improvement that would permit the pilot to retrieve and reload the line/sling in seconds for a second try. The NASA scientist who developed the original design had told me that IF NASA approved funding for it - they would list me on the patent. Trouble was - NASA cut funding instead.

The telescoping boom would've allowed helicopters to aid in rescuing people from high-rise buildings - standing off beyond the reach of the rotor blades while the person got into the sling. The original design was created because the inventor had personal experience being rescued from the sea by helicopter as a US NAVY fighter jet pilot (ditching at sea).

I'm seeking partners in developing this improved version.

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