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By Steve
I think it would be cool if you could connect your current TV program to a Playstation or X-Box console. For example, it should be possible to scan people or things from the TV and integrate them into the gameplay.

Wouldn't it be fun to transfer the showmaster of this incredibly stupid talkshow into "Tekken" and give him a good beating? Or make an open channel adventure game where you have to master the various levels with gadgets you pick up directly from your local TV footage! The possibilites are endless!

Reward: Free product.
By mickyhowells
i dunno if it would work, tv images aren't 3d demensional, let alone do different images have different characteristics, so it wouldnt be able to say scan person number 1.
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By Steve
Sure, but you should be able to do some 3D rendering based on 2D images. It shouldn't be terribly difficult to stick a 2D face onto a 3D blueprint, and (although probably more challenging) today's software should also be able to recognize basic objects (furniture, animals, etc.) in a 2D environment.
By Roychaser
I love the idea. U could take like the people from the cursed exercise commercials, and shoot em. Or u could take for instance, the star trek people and fight em. Great idea.
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By Jonathan D
This is a new concept you would need a modified tv maybe and a new console developed for this. It would be cool but a haul of programming knowledge and innovation seems to be the answer.
By megamancom2
I work with 3D modeling software, and am also a computer programer. it isn't as simple as just taking a picture of a person and slaping it on to a model as a texture, no matter how smooth the model's surface appears it has a bunch of flat surfaces and that is then taken and layed out like a net. and if the image isn't exactly perfect in terms of position and placement, the model would look horrible...and before anyone ask no a computer couldn't take a picture so that it is perfect.
By Eugene
This is already under development in the form of advertiser sponsored gaming.

At the moment it is restricted to things like billboards and posters in online gaming servers but they are talking about adding things like coca cola cans as ambience.

Of course a lot of people are not happy with this but at least it's paving the way for FREE computer games :)

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