Obsessed by the improvements of StarTrek and the fourth millennium, while feeling restricted by the limits of today's technology or that boring second law of thermodynamics? Just let your imagination flow - you needn't be Scotty to beam your thoughts in here!
By Bertromavich
Need your assistance
The revitalizer is machine I designed to reduce the effects of garbage on this planet. The main outlet of the revitalizer would be at the landfills and would be phased out over the years for the lack of need of landfills. A conveyor belt would be needed to put the garbage into the machine and then an atom smasher would be needed to smash the garbage into particles making them clean and usable the particles would be fed into a storage container by particle classifications and then they would be mused to make atoms and molecules design by the material sciences then they would be able to be stored for shi9pping the materials for every aspect of the delivery process to industry If it is possible to create the replicator from star trek then it could be used also in the process to use the materials to make parts that could be later assemble or create giant sized replicators to create large products. After the machine is in place and the storage units are in place to store the particles then we can use the transferring of particles ready for reassembly over long distances first over wires and then wirelessly creating habitats in space and supplying the astronauts with supplies. The process could even be implemented to provide clean air for the planet by vacuuming in air smashing it and reassembling it into its natural state. Pr4oducts for home could be delivered and auctioned off with eBay to consumer who have made a product to sell and they put it in their replicator and have it instantly reproducible by other replicators in home by users who look for products by the inventor. Televisions would be equipped to handle data gathering a sharing to consumers to implement plans for ideas they have in development through the company making the television a multipurpose device that convey the progress to and only to the inventors and collaborators while leaving other spectators out of the know. This a theory that steps outside of common Einstein theory about matter and energy but I refer to as matter to matter application and call it a revitalizer because it restores what was old into something new and given this I want to ensure that matter is cared for and if there is intelligence found in the fabric of existence that it is allowed to make it own choices and destinations given who it wants to owned by what type of life it wants to lead and how it wants to be formed. A satellite could also be created that allows for building to be created after site prep to be delivered by air either by plane or satellite and given this then a mother or father satellite could be created to allow the use of matter to function as a part of society with certain quasi suggestions about what the users want with the matter available to them allowing for the displacement of matter from the comp8uter through the air to the place where they are in a hand on the table on their body available to them and it will all be controlled by prices that are known by bioreadouts as the users and their placement on this earth or distant galaxies. Warning due to the nature of this invention it would be likely to be brought awareness by aliens who would like to mine planets for their resources and harbor slave but with this technology it may cause for their lively hood to become displaced causing a sense of urgency or remorse.

New Oligopoly:
It is my wish that some of your prestigious members of the board take up time developing a new enterprise. It is really something I should do but with my position in the cast system I don’t think I could do the networking and mergers necessary to take on such an endeavor, no matter how proud I would be to have put it together. My hopes are for the future of my next stage in life at the fruition of this company.
The goal of the company is to control and utilize all accessible matter. To care for and nurture the substance that we are reliant on for our economy, without natural resources there is no way to address supply and demand. With the lack of renewable resources currently in the world we will soon have a problem if we allow miners to make our land barren of precious materials.
Once a machine is built that can atom smash material waste then convert particles into real and phantom particles and a life like, usable in the virtual world, copy of the atoms we use in the real world. Then the arraigning of particles to suit industry needs for materials to continue their endeavors in a part of the machine that can create the perfect environment to suit the atom types that need to be made to satisfy demand.
Landfills will be necessary at first to infuse matter into the machines then a public decision should be made about the value of these materials compared to natural and synthetic materials. Then after the landfills are empty and no longer needed for dumping then we can implement a plan to get every home to correspond to the matter utilization process. There will be replicators in the kitchens replicators in the closets and replicators as garages to create any need of the home. There will also be a garbage drop in the home to dispose of waste with a deposit for atomic weight to the homeowner for the amount of garbage thrown away. This garbage drop and replicators will have landlines flowing matter to facilities underground replacing the current super colliders with matter exchangers that will monitor the waste for experimental and signs of intelligence. If in case the matter or groupings of matter show forms of intelligence then they will be attempted to be communicated with so that their intelligence decides their fate as an object or materials.
An online store will be created to give access to products designed for customers and products designed by individuals for others creating a secondary market place for hand-crafted goods. And a design branch will be created a Cad program created that can function like a CNC machine but in the replicators case will be guided by lasers to create the designs.
The space age will be a goal to develop and have research money funded for by having a design team that designs spaceships for various uses but will be handled like someone who wants to be sure that the design process is practical and not on the verge of discoveries later on that will make their current designs obsolete. So models of the design will be made to show our progress and sold to people and companies to get further feedback on how the designs should be. Creating a simulation of the space age before actually going through with building it is key to making it both cohesive to the desires of man and making it cost effective to achieve a level of success not riddled with continuous real life trials and errors. An investment club operated by an automated trading program to help raise the money needed for average people to afford the fruits of labor-intensive study of the space phenomenon.
And a complicated computer simulation will be designed to create a race of super intelligent artificial intelligence with the capacity to understand our universe and how it operates because they have bodies and live like we live or like any aliens we may find may live to examine and suit the interest of being the directors of useful behavior in the universe. It goes like this “What was created on earth will also be created in heaven.” There will be times when what is created on earth will be put in the simulation but if we can see heaven then we can also make it so what ever is created in heaven can also be created on earth.
There will be times when people will say they can make a better place to live and allow them to create their own laws physics and society to suit their own personal tastes. Like when God created the world the way he wanted and moved all the angels away from their drifting focus points where they might have created their own worlds and designs for the universe but weren’t given enough time and had to adapt to this world for eons, now could be granted their vision of what was to come in the simulation of the universe with alternate universes. And with this in place any discovers phenomenon where different dimensions are found can be quickly copied before they disappear and made as a functioning dimension within the simulation.
A cremator could be made to honor the dead who want to be cremated but instead of ashes and burnt off matter all the matter from their bodies could be made into an object that so choose to live like. The possibility after this makes it somehow possible for ghosts to get into the simulation and may start to try and control things. My suggestion is to have system that works to design afterlife’s for the departed.
There is the possibility of their being a passage way created for a living person to pass into the simulation pick a destination and appear through another apparatus on the other side of the world. Creating such things as bridges without a bridge just a gateway connecting to a gateway on the other side, which passes cars directly to the other side.
I believe it would be crucial for the artificial intelligence to be given powers like comic book heroes and villains so that they have some control over the environment and activities that may be different in the computer world. And also that they can adapt their programming to accommodate changing circumstances that allow them to function better but not be told about it but that they may find it when they looking at their toolbar and menu.
Here is my partial business plan that goes with this idea.
Future Oligopoly
Business Plan

Description of business:
1. Matter transformation processing machine
a. Client to operation recycling service units
b. Operation to client demand and supply
c. Cyclical nature of matter processing
d. Advancement of matter to matter technology
2. Virtual Simulation Reality

a. Artificial intelligence with physical presence
b. Universal simulation of all matter
c. Scientific Recording of matter processes
d. Quantum computer
3. Design mapping and blueprinting

a. Super Computer
b. Computer Aided Drawings
c. Telekinetic Idea transfer from brain to CAD
d. Idea generation w/ collective endorsements
e. Idea exchange in media to participating parties
f. Designing end product at matter to product device
g. Virtual activity and observation
4. Space age research

a. Spaceship design
b. Investing for a spaceship


Skills I offer:
1. creative thinker
2. familiar with mechanisms
3. am the inventor of such ideas
4. will maintain a justifiable approach to the use of the technology

Advantages over competitors:
1. there is no precedent
2. will cooperate with companys that offer resources towards the goals of the company
3. will create pathways for business with or without mergers

1. Replicator for any duplicatable product
2. Assembly line for building supplys

A Book on Matter

At the mansion of the rich and powerful there is a mystic shrouded in secrecy. Inside an elaborate display of spectacular amusement ensues. A machine that can manipulate matter operates the very behavior that exists.
Michele gets ready in her dressing room. She is out to impress today and wants to astound the men in the house. Her clothes in her wardrobe are worn and adorn on any woman who wants them this will not do. She decides to get her shopping glasses as she calls them. She views a screen on the lens and highlights appearance. In appearance she highlights overall. In this menu she can view the overall appearances of the top models in the world she scans for a moment faces and bodies and then decides she wants to be exotic so she selects performing arts then show girls. She scans the showgirls and finds a voluptuous showstopper and chooses her as her appearance today. After the selection she views herself in the mirror as the godly machine enshrouds her body in a luminescent glow and she feels her body shift into the form of the showgirl. This will have their heads turning but I need something to wear, we’re going to dinner, this peacock costume will not do. She looks in her shopping glasses for eveningwear at a luxurious red and purple gown which she adorns herself with in fashionable time.
At the stairs Michele is a little nervous walking down she’s afraid she might slip. But she sees someone to help her, “Hey Eddie will you walk me down?”
“Michele,” astounded, “is that you?”
“How did you know it was me?”
“No one says Eddie like you do. If you hadn’t said Eddie I would have thought models were invading us. Who are you?”
“Some showgirl from New Zealand.” Michele says sharply.
Some of the men in the Foyer were comparing dress attire and donning their glasses to accommodate like wise tastes. A gold pocket watch hanging from ones suit was a trait that was immediately applied to ones own. Another saw a vibrant red handkerchief, which he donned, as his own perfectly tucked appearing in his pocket. A man rechecked his look by flipping his hand forward revealing a mirror and then by him just being finished looking at him self in the mirror disappeared never to be missed.
Everybody was headed towards the dining hall. There was a huge table with fifty seats on each side. No one sat at the head. The table was elevated in the center with a long silver top and in front of each chair was a silver space for a plate, place settings and a round one for a glass. After everyone was seated a man at the end said all your orders have been entered and lets eat as he pushes a push screen to serve dinner. The food appears at the proper placing on the table and a banquet of food on the center of the table for extra food in case any one wants more than what they ordered. Everyone usually had something different and much of the food was enticing and original.
At the end of dinner Armond Dupcheque’s Boss comes up to him and says “We have someone for you to recruit his name is Nathan Sprite. He works in construction management and his name has been popping up on our business models for new business. He plays the stock market and gets ideas about companies but he doesn’t act on his notions because he doesn’t know what to do with them. We would like him to become apart of the group and get him working on short-term strategies in the market. He can do exactly what he has been doing but with more desire if he has our help.”
“O.k. I’ll look up where he’s going to be and find a nice location to introduce myself.”

At the home of Nathan Sprite it was a normal morning help by the assistance of the animatron. His daughter Alyssa was picking out her clothes for school. She would stand in front of her closet next to the closet control panel and change her mind about what would please her today. She pushes the fall selection button and her old clothes would disappear and the fall collection would fill her closet. “Nope no good” she’d say. Then with another click she’d have the spring collection in her closet. She’d go through all the seasons, the trends and European lines for about an hour before she would pull out everything she liked and pick something.
Her brother Nathan Jr. has most of his clothes already selected and they refresh themselves every morning so that he is wrinkle free. He spends most of his time in the bathroom cycling through the cologne trays buttons looking for a new and hype fragrance to attract the ladies. Nathan is in his closet with his tie mirror. It’s a round mirror with a tie in front that can be changed with a no answer and a yes answer when he settles on a tie he wants.
His wife Carol is in the kitchen whipping up a new dessert she wants to try out on the public. She’s been cooking like this ever since the duplicator came out to the public. It’s a storage device for food and things all you have to do is push a button and it retrieves your item form the computer. In Carol’s case she uses it as a way to sell food to other people that use the device. Nathan enters “Whatcha cooking”
“It’s a four-layer cake with four different after taste. I call it ‘Don’t Stop four layer cake’. One of these dishes are going to make me rich, desserts been a hot item right now and I want it to be ready for tonight.”
Carol adds the candy sauce to the four-layer cake and then Nathan Jr. comes down and says, um good as he grabs a fork goes toward the cake.
Carol alarmed grabs the fork and says, “Don’t touch.”
“Why” says Nathan Jr.?
“Because I haven’t put it in the duplicator yet.”
Nathan Jr. goes to the duplicator and says “I’m going to have some of Uncle Jimmy’s’ pancakes. Their always so good.” He looks in the favorites under family and picks his favorite Uncle Jimmy pancakes. With a flash of light hot and delicious pancakes are served. “You know people use to have microwaves to use instead of duplicators.
“Yeah and it wasn’t that long ago either,” says Nathan. “You know I’ll never be able to compete with all this stuff. I don’t know how to invent stuff. The only way I could possibly get ahead is if they give me credit for some of the ideas I come up with for businesses when I play the stock market.”
“Well you can’t give up hope,” Carol says, people have made fortunes by licensing their ideas. There has to be a way you could get credit for yours.”
“Are taking your usual trip to the mall today”, Carol says?
“Yeah I got to see what the latest trends are then I’ll be home around 6:30” says Nathan.

At the mall Nathan is having a coffee at the coffee shop and along comes Armond Dupcheque.
“Are you Nathan Sprite?” Says Armond.
“Yes, and you are?” Says Nathan.
“I’m an associate of Matter of Fact Corp., I’ve been sent to you because we like how you think and would like to get you to work with us. Now the pay is dependent on how successful you are and you don’t have to quit your current job to do this assignment.” Says Armond.
“Well what exactly do you like about my thinking?”
“Its your business sense every time you have a notion about how a business would need to make money in order for your trades to really work for you they get noticed haven’t you noticed that when you thought that a company at this particular time could make money doing this and they immediately started doing it that it wasn’t odd or did you just think you had the market pegged.”
“Well I found it funny and exciting at first having known what they were going to do and then I just started trading on the basis of what the company was going to do next.”
“Yeah, you weren’t predicting the markets the companies were actually using your ideas and running with them making them and you rich at the same time.”
How did they know I only told my ideas to a few people and I didn’t do that all the time.”
Well for that kind of information I’m going to have to ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement because we don’t let out secrets like that without a full agreement that we will be working with the person. Is this something you’d be interested in?”
“You know me and my wife have this thing about me always wanting to make as much money as the company I’m trading with off the ideas I come up with and I’ve thought that the only way I was going to get ahead was to be making at least what my idea was worth to them.”
“I promise you exactly that much will be made off your ideas, we have fair and equal agreement with you and the companies who benefit from your ideas. So your interested?”
It sounds like a good deal and its something I’ve always dreamed of. How do we start?”
“Well first we sign these papers the first paper is non-disclosure agreement the next paper is your contract with the company and the details of your obligations and payment policy. This is the non-disclosure agreement it basically obligates you not to discuss business operations outside company employees. Sign here O.K.. Now this is the Member agreement read this carefully because these are the rules you will abide by.”

Member Agreement

It is with much pleasure I send to you this Contract, it states our foundation and passage to stretch our reach into the stars and grasp that very intent of ours to be one and masters of our own cultured design.

The creation of a new Research and invention company based on the foundation in the belief that beings such as ourselves are capable to astound with conceptual imagination and with regard send this on to others for fortitude and transformation. But we have designed a way to take our very ambitions and convey our exact method and vitality to ensure our ownership of the designs we make.

The costs are 2000 ever-increasing retainment fee for a lawyer, once divided between the lawyer and the assistant percentage being 65:35, for fulfilling the establishment of product allegation the assignment of 10% will be given from the sum of which it totals. There will be a deduction in your products royalty principle of 20% used to maintain a cohesive interlink between your product and the community it coexists with to be used in the purchasing of valuable product testing and improvement methods to enhance our original idea into a more transformed basis on how the world changes and alters to the satisfaction of itself so in this respect we must ensure that we as the inventor maintain standard beliefs in how each of our products are suppose to be transferred not only by marketable occurrences. You have now been given a debit card; this is for company and personal uses to the extravagance of which your bank account can limit its obligations and there will be no over draft protection. We have agreed that we must contribute funds into the company these funds that you so shall decide to contribute in any amount at any time can be deposited using your pin taped to the back of the card, you may also take out cash or charge things as you need to because the cash you deposited will be put forth into an ever increasing annuity that produces dividends that get divided up between the ten members of this business minus 1/5 with holding for the purpose to balance out those who do not contribute, gets placed in the investment account, and minus 1/5 for the retainment of a lawyer and 10% for the companies retained earnings which decides on what kind of financial stability the company shows and gives us the ability to purchase a better company lifestyle as our needs grow. The inventions that we so may choose to bless the world when the payments comes in 5% will go into the retained earnings as our method of declaring an income for the company and will show the company profit. 30% will be with held for paying taxes and making the company responsible for the payment of the taxes on sometimes such large amounts, we don’t want to worry about the tax man coming for you from 138 countries that you may possibly owe money to if we so happen to take a voyage around the world to find the needs and articulate touches that every culture needs, this would be a real burden to you so I don’t in jest take this privilege of taking care of ones taxes away from you. Leaving you with the grand total of 45% of the principle of your twice a year earnings, but its 35% the first payment after the lawyer takes his 10% for filing of certain paper work and foot work necessary for there to be a patent, which is not bad considering if you tried getting hired for your ideas you would get 50 grand per idea and a thank you but you need to give me some more explanation.

If at some point you are flooded with ideas and can’t quite get to a phone to call the lawyer you may want to write down a phrase that is understandable as what you meant and will help you remember the idea and when its time to talk to the lawyer you will have an easy reference to go by.

Ownership of property will be given to those people who you have met along your travels that have somehow in sighted you and who have committed their minds too and partial ownership goes to the person who has contributed useful information to the gather of finding of further useable knowledge unlike the sometimes chaotic ramblings we will instead refer graciously to our partners in an appreciative way by finding out who they are and how to contact them so they can receive a gift sum decided by your forecast of the appreciative value of the contribution from your portion this person deserves for the lifetime of it’s usefulness towards the patent.

To this statement of procedures for our actions as partners to respect and value as guidelines allowing for the ability to endure in the tasks of these business practices, we sign in our participation as confidants and as a team, each adding the value of one ship by adding the talent each one of us contributes that others can’t.


______________________________________________ ______________
Sign Here Date

Print Name Here

Comments and Declarations:

“Now that you’re a member here are your Matter of Fact glasses, you wear them when the green light is blinking to get your assignment messages and any other urgent message awaiting you. They won’t work right now until your paper work is processed. That’s all, you have a nice day.”
“Wait I never got your name”
“Oh sorry about that my names Armond Dupcheque. Have a nice day.”
“Thank you. This may be just the thing to lift my spirits.”

A Prefab Company
Mission Statement
To turn this company into a world wide necessary component of human existence; by providing a service that becomes the next newly “must have” accessory to everyday life.
The Team
Core-Thinkers That Instate New Concepts To Inspire New Ideas.
Material Engineers, Material Handlers, and everyone gets partial ownership of the material of their own thinking.
Research & Development to come up with Products and Ideas To keep Company on The Cutting Edge.
Market Summary
Market: past, present, & future:
The break through’s in atomic research have been refined for the past fifty years and has allowed for the conception of such a novel way to do business.
The company will take the very fabric that makes up synthetic research make more money to throw at it and make it thrive in the production industry.
The focus is to continue to change the views towards technology into a better; fantasy version of how it can make the world a better place.
Problems and opportunities:
Consumers have grown accustomed to the materials they use today but, by making materials for specific reasons we can replace other materials in many places that only suit their purposes temporarily.
Business Concept
Atomic Manipulators, will be modernized to suit a vast array of chores for modern society.
Encouragement of Outside Resources to contribute to the future of the company by giving them ownership to and initiating their ideas.
There will be two positions filled for every job title. One that will cover for the other when they take the first and last week of the month off to spend with their families.
Natural Resource Miners
Company X Has More Environmental Considerations Than Mineral Extractors
Goals & Objectives
Five-year goals
Own The Patents On Newly Needed Materials
Be An Appreciated Company
Self-Funding Business Branches
Funding For Future Research
Form Corporation Partnership That Covers Other Regions In Different Parts Of The World
Financial Plan
Expect to be able to offer a reasonable price because we do not refine raw materials,
Prices shall be off-set by investments.
Salaries shall be off-set by investments and raises shall be off-set by contribution of employee to partial share in their own innovations in the company.
Resource Requirements
Synthetic Materials Laboratory
Co-habitable work environment
Resource requirements
Investment in affected areas of the stock market, Area of Distribution by Region, Payment Methods For Earnings from Partial Ownership, etc.
External requirements
Products/services/technology required to be purchased outside company
Risks & Rewards
On the job injuries
Addressing risk
Standard Procedures for Medical assistance
Estimate expected pay-off, particularly if seeking funding
Key Issues
Near term
Being able to supply the materials that are purchased in a timely manner
Long term
Developing a Network to reach various Locations
State consequences of decision postponement
If you are seeking funding, state specifics
By Apoc_Master
what you are proposing will destroy the atoms of the materials in a nuclear event leaving you with a sea of ionic compounds and random other ions rather than leave the full atomic structure like you seem to believe.

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