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By Mathieu Imder
All my friends say I can't dance, so that must be true. They say I have no rythm. Even though I feel like my rythm is perfect when I dance, they must be right. I'd love to have a software that plays music and uses my webcam to record my dancing. Then it would play it back with the music and I would have no option but "face it": I totally suck at dancing. Then it would show side by side me dancing and another guy that would dance perfectly (in rythm), so I could see the difference.

The software would have different kinds of musics, with different rythms. It could also teach basic steps and more complicated choregraphies. Who knows, maybe I'd be able to get better at dancing ...

Reward: I just want a copy of the software when it comes out (I already have the webcam).
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By Michael D. Grissom
This can be accomplished with either two TVs side-by-side or one with the picture-in-a-picture option. For one picture you play any VCR/DVD dancing video and for the other picture you playback your recording of yourself dancing along with that video.

In no time at all, the girls will start beating your door down!

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