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By nphawat
slaying the dragon is dangerous;P...

for you own safety and confort shoot him and walk back home
and if you dnt like adventures and have time to spare video tape the vehicule and the plate number call the state police :)
and later on sue him ;)
By dcosmin
Nice idea, but:
It's unrealisthic, because:
1)a sound amplifier can be assembled by a proffesional without the gprs system, and won't need a licence for that;
2)it's a complycated solution, with many implications, which can be replaced by isolating your house.Or a fine (fee) for not keeping quiet during night .
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By swimmer
Thank you for your reply

What you suggested might be usefull but .

1 ) the controle system can be implemented in the amplfying circuit so no circuit is without it , unless one build the amplifiing cuircuit part by part , which definitly is expensive ...

2) Isolating the house forces you to lock your self in your house , and keep out fresh air .
Fees is the current system , and it isnt effective. Especially when your sleeping , untill you get out off bed and run to the window , the car will be at the end ofthe street where plate number is no longer visible...
By dcosmin
I too have trouble with loud music at night, especially in the summer time, and this idea turned into practice would be very useful.
Anyway, what happens if there's no gprs reception?
The implementation of the technology would take many years(like all new technologies), but it will be welcome.
By Daliyama
Hi, Swimmer...although your idea is promising as with all sensible ideas you should be able to offer a realistic approach towards fruition. I can assure you that 99.99% of people that have bought any stereo, and/or home theatre equipment that wasnt purchased at Walmart for 99.00 would have a fit over your idea. Lets just say that a controller was created and in place to make this a reality. Of course you would need another controller to allow headphones to play at whatever volume the owner wanted, correct?. 1st big issue; How do you keep stereo owner from getting a 1/4 to RCA adaptor from Radio Shack for $5.99 and using the pre preamp headphone output to drive the amplifier? 2nd big issue; What about band practice? Last time i checked bands werent playing thru stereo equipment.3rd big issue; Rare high end tube stereo amplifiers with a solid state circuit attached? Youd have all the bottleheads ( and believe me, there are more tube stereo lovers than you think),calling for the inventors head. I have 6 more compelling arguements but there's no point. Im guessing if your idea was possible bro, it woulda already happened. Please dont get me wrong, ive wished for your invention many, many times. But the hurdles i mentioned are not big compared with the fact that the whole system would never be put in place until taxpayers vote it in, and that my friend is as likely as waking up tomorrow and finding out you sprouted wings...Take care, Ed.
By Daliyama
P.S. ...The issue with car audio even gets more complicated than with home audio. I assure you that if the government started regulating peoples music volume on that level, someone would find a way to disrupt your car transmitter by sending it a dummy signal. If it was just car radio you were regulating that would be easy. Just make the stations broadcast a signal that had a pink noise generator that increased volume with the strength of the signal. Oops. Radio depends on listener support. Doubt if you get radio stations to put themselves out of business. CDs played in cars?.Still wont work, ...IPOD connected to our friend the 5.99 headphone adaptor connected to the amplifier. Even if the law limited the wattage on amplifiers. A nice pair of Klipsch horn speakers in a van at 5 watts will tear your ears off ( 91 decibles @ 3 watts ). Look it up, there are more efficient systems than Klipsch. You could of course just build a huge microwave transmitter and toast the stereos but then you and your neighbors would lose TV, Music, cats, dogs, hair, etc. etc. Im afraid you have a big project in front of you. If you do figure this "idea" out, you will be so rich Bill Gates will be polishing your shoes!
By eldemokraty
hi ,i agree with u that law must control this loudness , but i think it can not done by forcing the volume because it will cost u much infrastructure and new cd players will be required ,.... so i think it may be better to use something like speed radar but it will be loudness radar that take an image to any car with loudness value above specified threshold and sends it to the police network so he can be punished , i think this is more effective ways to reduce it right ??
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By swimmer
1 for cars :
How about sending a encrypted code through all radio frequencies( after 8 pm for exmaple )that willl be decoded by your radio , and will lock the volume to a certain volume that will be monitored by microphones or piezoelectric sensores embeded in the circuit... that as for radio .

for cds and ipods and any other way ... let the monitoring sensors be imbded in the amplifier but connected to the radio . so if one wants to increse the volume he must tune to radio to get an encrypted code to allow for high volume for an hour .after that it will be locked again unless the user tunes back to radio to get the sam permission for another hour.

2 for home use and bands : sound originating for a defined location can be lowered by other ways .(cars are hard to follow or stop ) . but the same monitoring system can be added to sound systems ... and maybe s
this sound monitoring system wich picks vibrations can be used to recieve ultra sound code to activate sound locking . So if there is loud music coming from a neighbours house ... police can pass beam ( not necessarely from outside as not all sound waves frequencies penetrate through solid with enough energy left ) their ultrasound locking code and solve the problem .
By dcosmin
I forgot to mention that powerfull (audio) amplifiers can be built entirely with transistors; no integrated circuits needed.What can stop someone (who knows how) to build that, if he wants to?
The solution is the common sense.
By label factory
Admiring the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer! I will bookmark your blog and have my friends also check up here often. Thumbs up!
By label factory
Admiring the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer! I will bookmark your blog and have my friends also check up here often. Thumbs up!
By Japher
Check out Woody Norris' hypersonic sound. Basically he creates devices that cancel sound by sending the exact same amplitude of sound back on it. He demonstrates this on a TED talk.

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