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By Ronh20
SALMy name is Ron Waters. I spent most of my life working in aerospace as a contract negotiator. I am neither a physicist or a chemist, I'm a futurist. So you will have to Forgive me if my terminology not correct.

Since my work involves the future and what things will be like in the days to come I'm very concerned with the environment and particularly with energy I've given much thought to the matter and come up a how to convert the hydrogen in water plus diatomic carbon to electricity. The chemical formula for doing this consists of:

Ammonia plus water heated equals H30 remaining after the steam burns off leaving nitrogen, Sodium chloride added to this mixture produces sodium trioxide, the addition then of cesium produces cesium chloride which evaporates leading oxygen exposed and nitrogen.

When the 3H plus AU3 plus C2 plus N2 are heated together it causes fusion which produces a isomer of C2 put through a politartron laser, which separates electrons from Politartrons subatomic matter, thus creating a chain reaction of a electron beam. This beam put through a oraface directs the flow of subatomic partials to a condenser. The subatomic particles are positively charged and negatively charged electricity. When a positive charged matter comes in contact with the condenser it is converted to direct current are alternating current.

This experiment is like taking lightning from the sky and convert it into domestic electricity. The potential power available is beyond calculation. The only raw materials needed is a chemicals stated above which can be purchased at small expense or manufactured at low cost.

In the process above, you see the use of AU3, a catalyst for the reaction necessary for fusion. This is because monatomic gold is the superconductor and according to the WINTERBERG principle it would be a easier way of producing a chemical reaction then by other types of reactors.

The essence of this study is the chemical C2 which is in great abundance coming from the Sun, as a additional ray, and is the source of electricity/ I has been proven that C2 comes from the light of comets which are just a reflection of the Sun's rays, therefore, the concentration of C2 would be greater coming directly from the Sun.


Number one: that electricity can be made from chemicals.

Number two: the ultimate power of electricity is the Sun which produces C2.

Number three: a Politartron laser can convert electrons to politartrons.

Number four:AU3 is a viable chemical superconductor


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A final report in three copies.

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