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By harry8balls
Dots/Celebrity Dot (Com)/Moving Interaction/Dots R Us/Celebrity Mouse/Dot You/Dots To Go/Go Dots Go/Skies Of Dots/

This idea may need a little imagining, but I'm personally enthusiastic about its potential.
There are some variations.
1: instead of chatting with fans, or besides: a celebrity interacts with its fans through movements of dots on a computer screen. The fans have their dots and the celebrity its. Together they control all the dots with a mouse. But the celebrity's is in a distinctly different color than all the 50 or 100 or less or more other dots which all share the same color. And off everybody goes: how does everybody interact with eachother and especially how is the interaction with the celebrity... it should be fun I'd think.
2: 'same' as above without a celebrity and perhaps with leader features: in turn everybody gets to have all the others follow her/him or do something else that is the current leader's decision or wimp.
3: multiplayer gaming incorporating the 'dots by mouse' concept allowing and having complex group (10-200?) activity.

Something like it may exist and be somewhat successful or somewhat of an utter failure.

Reward: Absolutely nothing, less than a million dollars.
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By Michael D. Grissom
You won't take my $9,999,999.99 offer??? :~(

You're right, there IS a chat room site out there that does this. I had completely forgotten about it until I read your post. Now I have to go find it again because it was the best chat room I've ever been in.

Instead of "DOTs" they let you pick one of their characature faces or upload on of your own. Then you drag and drop yourself into the room theme of your choice. To talk to someone you drag your characature over to that persons characature (or the group if one has formed). The room is totally black so characature contrast are really good. This is great because you can see all the various groups forming in the room. If you don't like what a particular group is talking about, don't go near them. When anyone in the group speaks, it appears in a cartoon type caption block somewhere around their head. It is safisticated enough not to allow a caption block to cover anyones face. There were plenty of moderators with ZERO tolerance for what other chat rooms put up with. I think you'll really like it -- after all, it was YOUR idea in the first place.

If you find it, please post it back here. I would like to revist.
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By test
ahoy captain! $9,999,999.99 is > 1 million.

at least on my planet it is. Unless it's that Canadian funny-money.
By midoh
How about a moving celeb-dart board which you try to aim 'brickbats' at .Bonus points for a direct hit etc.!

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