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By ideaman2
Ever reach down to lift the toilet seat up and wonder which of Gods horrid creatures touched that same spot last? My idea is to have an automatic touch sensor pad that would raise, lower, and flush your toilet. With an easily removeable plastic sheath for easy cleaning. This would be most feaseable in your own home. (I hope that one of Gods most horrid creatures does not actually live in your home but HE might).

Reward: I will take free samples for my friends and I.
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By Steve
I think this would only shift the problem to the question which of Gods horrid creatures touched that sensor pad last. :-D

How about a light sensor?
By zyx Rationalist
Hey Steve Boy why r u so negative I am sharp even though I dont want to offend U But I had it his time , enough is enough,

here U can press the sensor with ur FOOT ok , and now dont think about cleaning this foot pad with hands.

I think U like to whoo other down. Is that what this website is all about , just to inflate ur ego ?
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By Steve
Sorry if I sounded negative, really didn't mean to, that's why I placed the smiley. ;-) I'm always a little bit sarcastic and provoking but no offense meant, just trying to point out some possible problems. And it worked, didn't it - the foot sensor is an excellent solution! ;-D
An easily removeable plastic sheath for easy cleaning.

Do U have any Idea how much this idea is worth ? Anybody who is travelling would use this as an personal travell Item for who knows who had sat on that seat before. It will sell all around the world and I belive someone is going to make a fortune out of it because I will buy it, Wont U ?.
By ReligionY
No, actually. I wouldn't buy such a product. Public toilets are generally washed at least once a week. If a toilet looks particularly filthy, I've heard that taking some paper from the towel dispenser, wetting it, and applying some soap to wash the seat yourself works nicely.

And if you really, really have to go, most people consider themselves lucky to have made it to a toilet at all.

Sensors used for automatic convenience has become widespread. I feel that this is practical to reduce the production of paper waste and so forth, but nothing so far has struck me as very practical. All these ideas are geared towards the handicapped. There has to be some better way to use this technology.
By Zing
i'e seen plastic toilet seat wrappers that automatically change the plastic when the laser senser senses someone in front of the seat. these are awesome for germophobes as well as handicaps!
By Rishi
If the worry is about pathogenic micro-organisms can we not carry a small personal (non-CFC) aerosol can of viricidal/bactericidal spray and spray the seat before (and after too, as a courtesy to the next user)?

By fredwingg

The best solution to solve the above problems is to hire the portable toilets. Newer models include toilet paper and, occasionally, antibacterial hand sanitizer dispensers. It has become common for portable toilets to be paired with an internal hand washing station. These sink stations provide a foot pump to dispense water to wash one's hands after using the toilet. Soap and towels may be provided.
They are also cleaned on regular basis. If you want to hire the one then you can visit

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