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By jackjohnson
Bs is everywhere - will this post be about.

How illogical is it to have two dashes on the same keyboard key?


What about the brackets on the 9 and the 0 ...

The 0-1, 1-2, 1-9

But 0-9 is just nothing.

Why is 7 and & on one key ? Because it's 7 & then move on. Don't question 7.

$ 4 / for ... ?

3 ... There are to many things the 1, 2, 3 ... Something distinquising about that number. But on my keyboard it is just a #.

Another shaker:

imagine 5 -5 = 10 and 5 + 5 = 0
wouldn't this be more practical?

qwerty = querry -> 'we' question you. I question you.

asd = das

the F-keys ... F*ck you they are saying to me. Consider well.

ctrl --- sigh. Control. The bottom corners of your keyboar's main area.

Esc --- Why is it all the way up there? It's not very helpful ...

Please don't tell me I'm paranoid or anything like that.

The + is -right- under the F10 key. The 10th F Commandment.

The windows keys right in the middle between the two keys 'I' control and alter with.


.,;'\][/=- all allowed. Wouldn't you think two of those should be replaced by a question mark and an exclamation mark ?

shift = shifty.

Good luck and succes.

Oh and Steve: I posted an idea, but did(n't) you receive it?
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By Steve
Er, no, I didn't receive a submission. Did you log in as "jackjohnson" and fill in the submission form?

[Something else: Feel free to let your thoughts flow, but if it's off topic, please open a new thread in the appropriate category. Thanks!]

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