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Majocracy the power of people not the politicians.
Believe it or not this is going to be the politicians worst nightmare come true.

We can vote from any phone to a voting machine with our own PassNumber and give our vote from any safe place while the voting center will be a heavily guarded one as there will be only one for a huge area reducing the election cost.

Hey but I haven’t told u the worst part yet, we don’t require any voting day for this system so it is possible to change our vote anytime and as manytimes as we want. As soon as we see misuse of power by the the person we voted for in our area, he will be gone out government, In fact we wont even require any parties in democracy any more if u think about this very carefully but only hierarchy. There is something else that we can do with this technique: we read news (anywhere), this news can have a code associated with it and then people can decide whether they agree with or not by voting for it. Same can be applied for every other policy, we no longer would need processions or demonstrations to fight for our rights.

P.S. Please don’t post any thing stupid regarding phone as a means for majocracy. U can use net or any other dam thing for this to work, all u need is a will to change and see the opportunity rather than resist.

Reward: Please don’t mail me at on this subject, I am too scared of the politicians as they might use government resources for their advantage to be power and against me.
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By Steve
This would be the end to any sensible, long-term politics. No government would EVER be able to raise taxes again, and the only laws standing a chance to be passed would propose stuff like "free candy for everyone." Not only a politicians nightmare, but also an anarchist's dream. ;-7

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