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By Bill
I have found a way to keep all my CD's scratch free PERMANENTLY.
I got the idea from a cd labeling device that allowed me to custom label my homemade cd's. It presses a sticker to the non playing side of the cd. From there you can write what you please on it. Well all I did was make a clear or transparent if you will, sticker and applied it to the playing side. No more scratches. When it did start to skip i simply removed the tape and re-applied new tape. TA-DA!!!
By Guest
Go to http://www.highsmith.com

Skin Disk Protectors
innovative new concept lets you snap protective skin over your music, video and data CD's, protecting them from dust and scratches. Polycarbonate shields are so thin, that discs are read right through them. Package of 5. $5.57
Item #L51-37304

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