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By Tommahawk
Seeing it the new era in logistics for mankind in general, we should expand our home taps from just suppling water to supplying other liquids. I have gone to Coca Cola with this. here is the letter,

Does Coca Cola have or intend to install in ground Cola/Soft Drink piplines so people can get cola straight out the tap, similar or exactly the same way people get water supplies into their homes?

I ask this because it seems that the concept of supplying water to people via a tap has not been advanced whatsoever since its conception. It seems a natural progression to an advancing society.

I think we should pipe all products across the country straight into the home via ingroung pipelines and completely forget about supermarket shopping in general.

What do you think?
By ReligionY
Funny. No one wants to touch this one. I don't mean to offend you if you are, but you've got to be joking.

Maybe I shouldn't say anything. I'm not quite sure how I should be responding to these ideas...
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By Lukasz
... I don't know if it is a good idea. Think of proglems with pressure, and spoilage. Did you ever try drinking coke that was opened for 3-4 days :-P

"There is no spoon"
By Tommahawk
I don't about you, but when I was a kid I used to drink from taps at school and think mmmm wouldn't it be cool if coca cola came out of those taps.
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By Lukasz
Good point, when I was a kid i used to think the same thing.
good idea but the only problem is spoilage, it *beep* be nice if they could make coke that never spoils %-6
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By Michael D. Grissom
I think it would be better to move in next door to the Coke plant and, during the night, sneak a neoprene tube just underneath their lawn and into their storage tank. On your end of the tube, attach a hand operated valve and position it just above your living room recliner.

This idea popped vividly into my mind the last time I passed the Anheuser-Bush plant.

By Tamaragk
Wow, I seriously thought I was the only kid to think of that!
By Tommahawk
Every new thing has problems, but they can all be ironed out over time with development.

If a company like pepsi was able to do this could you imagine their growth in the market.

Trust me you don't want to be shopping at supermarkets for the next 300 years.
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By CycoMage
Y'all are missing the entire point! If you're gonna have something other than water come through your sink-tap why not have something useful, not that Coke(tm) ain't, but wouldn't hot coffee, tequila, whiskey, KoolAid (tm), Or BEER, maybe even gatorade (tm) be better?
By Tamaragk
I think it's you who is missing the point. If we could manage this invention, then you could run your beverage of choice through it. ANYTHING you want! Heck yes, beer would be my bev of choice, or Jack & Diet Coke. Of course I would have to be able to set my own Jack:Coke ratio. I tend to pour a bit heavy.
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By CycoMage
Ummmmmmmmm, Gee. I think that was my point. Anyway, without some sort of line purger, preferably back to the supplier, carbonated drinks, & heavy syrups would most definately be out. That still leaves room for whiskeys & tequilas. Just like bar hoses, you'll have to watch for molds, and do periodic line cleaning. B-)
By gruitamarius
:-D I can say that I've seen that before. It was a guy, working for a beer factory and living next to the factory, in a blockhouse. He manages to install a cooper pipe, by 6 mm, from the beer tank to his kitchen. Every time he had friends around, they had fresh beer. It was nothing legal, so when a friend of him, :-# , became jealous, told the trick to police. Think that this happened in Romania in communist time. Not easy for the nice guy.
By colacool2003
UM i think it would be cheaper just to buy the syrup from the coke and have your own soda tap in your house like they have in restruants.
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