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By Yves Besson
I've never wanted a microwave oven, but what I could really use is a micro FREEZER. Nothing is worse than making a drink when there are no ice cubes around. But if you don't have any, it'll just take hours to make some! The solution: A cheep device for instant freezing!

Reward: I want the micro freezer for free, as soon as anybody invents one.
By Dick Wadd
This invention already exists. See for one example.

Some text from that site:
The CRYO-QUICK Tunnel Freezer uses liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant to individually quick-freeze product as it is carried along a conveyor. Liquid nitrogen is sprayed into the discharge end of the tunnel. It then vaporizes to nitrogen gas at -320° Fahrenheit. The cold gas is then recirculated countercurrently toward the tunnel entrance by patented-design fans and flow controls. Once the ice cream sandwiches are hardened, they exit the tunnel and are sent to a packaging line and then typically to a conventional mechanical freezing system to complete the hardening process. With a small extension to its tunnel length, the Air Products freezer can also eliminate the need for the additional mechanical freezing step. The hard freeze that can be achieved using the CRYO-QUICK freezer allows the sandwiches to be wrapped immediately in a broad range of packaging materials, from plain to decorative.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I have a design for an instant home ice maker that I will be adding to this forum soon. Stay tuned!
By colacool2003
I have seen some freezers using sound waves to cool things down fast but i dont know much about it.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I originally tried ultrasonic sound in my "Can Chiller" which works great but the ultrasonic mechanisms are still too expensive for the purpose. There are some really neat computer cooling systems in the works by major companies that use this sound cooling technique.
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By Boraxus
Yves Besson wrote:... a micro FREEZER. ... The solution: A cheep device for instant freezing!

Reward: I want the micro freezer for free, as soon as anybody invents one.

well, i don't know how cheap, but this guy did it in his back yard ;-)

<a href=""> </a>

entertaining none the less
By boyofbigthoughts
Get a microwave, no buttons would be used, at the bottom tops and sides would be tubes of water coolant. the only electrical concept is cerculating the water coolant...that can be done with the microwave plate. this would have to be turning constantly (not much energy....about 1/5 of the energy used for a refridgerator. the old microwave will have nothing that works except the rotating plate...and the clock it you want it.
By skynet75
Hi, I'm new on this forum, I'm here because my big search for a micro freezer in internet do not have any good result ( sorry for my bad english!)
I have to go in few days in Africa and I'm looking for something that can create ice cube only using water
(my idea is place water in classic Ice cube/bag, insert in a little freezer max 6 / 8 liter volume) an wait that's all !!!!
It's incredible !!!! In 2009 do not exist something that like this that can guarantee a under zero temperature !! I only found Ice cube maker (weight 13 / 15 kg !! no good for travel) or micro freezer for chemical special lab (price over 500,00 Euro)
But it is so difficult create a freezer with travel dimension? (maybe like a normal scanner for PC ex. H 10 cm x L 25 cm x 35 cm)
Thank you for any answer or help for find something similar!!
By icecathy
Hi skynet,
Welcome to this forum!
I am also new here in this forum and I read your post. Your concern has an easy solution. You can buy in all area of the mall about the container to make an ice cube. There are many containers that you can choose from. You must try window shopping and then you finally buy the one you want.

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