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By factors
I guess I have what all us ‘idea people’ would really like to see, but none (even the so called entrepreneurs) have come up with. I think that it is because it would be too much even for them.
I am offering a challenge to all of you who might have the smarts, wherewithal and think of yourself as entrepreneurs. Here it is:
Open a store front, just for grins right next to Toys“R”Us. Call it ‘Inventions Are Us.’
Here is the concept: ‘Inventions Are Us’ would invite anyone, with any new ideas or improvements on and an existing invention, to come right in and expound. If the idea were new and/or workable the company would do it all, if necessary, from prototype to marketing and guarantee the innovator full profits, just as if he did it all himself, but at no cost to him!
Of course, for several reasons, you might think this is not feasible - most ideas are no *beep* good. And I expect that legality and the homework necessary to set up such a firm would seem overwhelming even to the most proficient of entrepreneurs. Regardless as to why it could not be done, who do you know or have every met that does not have ideas and has no were to go with them? (Plenty of invention places – all want your money – to narrow minded to realize the potential that literally walks in their door!)
Personally I could think of nothing more fun then to be in collaboration with such a venture. What do you say to my crude attempt at creativity?
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By mossitekidgage
Honestly, I like this idea. I've come up with many ideas. But I never know what to do with them. I decided to search for a place on the internet, and found this. And really, all I've seen is a bunch of annoying posts by pilldoctor (no offense) and then this idea by you. I would love to have a job like that. You do mean to help people make their dreams come true, right? I do understand, some ideas are terrible. But I could definitely get into a job like that. It could make the world better, and more creative. And people would know where to go. And what to do. And they could be helped.
By factors
Yes, the whole concept would be total a ‘win-win’ situation. In essence it would be helping people help themselves. It would not be charity; the ideas would have to be feasible for all involved after evaluation.
What I meant was to actually be involved in developing the business from scratch, not necessarily being employed there. Although, it would be a rewarding way to make a living. You certainly would never know what or who would walk in next.
If such a place did exist, just imagine the line of people outside at opening time everyday! I personally have several great ideas, not just good ideas GREAT ideas. I have found that idea places are totally useless and are interested only in your money. They are fools!
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By mossitekidgage
Yeah I understand that it wouldn't be charity. But I can tell that you want it to be a business that would be different from the others. Your way would not be ALL about the money. Which is great. If you did ever start a place like that, when you left it, you'd have to make sure it went to the right hands. I would love to help start something like that. And if you did do that, all those great ideas you have, you'd know exactly what to do with them.
By Imagination
That would be a great idea. That way, those of us with good ideas would be able to market our products... not our ideas. We would be able to sell them to help, rather than the corporate companies stealing the ideas and making them useless. Everyone would go because humans always want the latest thing. A store like inventions are us would always have something new, and creative. You should try it! 8-o
By Japher
What you are thinking of is an industrial design and rapid prototyping shop operating with a store front/consulting service. I'm not trying to be a stick in the mud but here's some obstacles;

1. Industry specific inventions may need industry specific knowledge. If you just have some guy in a shop shelling out advice or assistance it could be for naught and all you end up with is a lot of wheel spinning.
2. No revenue stream. Where is the revenue to keep the store front open coming from?
3. Patenting. We all know nothing can happen unless a lawyer gets paid.

Now, I'm not suggesting these as problems to end the idea, but as things that might help you better define your idea. I think action is better than inaction, doing something is better than letting it go. However, one can not do anything. What ideas would you want to pursue if you can't pursue all of them? Time is time, it keeps ticking bye.
By jelley
To add to Japher:

I've heard of pushcart peddlers being given the "push" by nearby store owners who say - hey, we pay taxes (or rent), so why should they get off scott free?

So, why would Toys 'R Us, or other stores allow someone like Inventions R Us to open shop nearby, without reporting them?

I also agree with Japher that this idea would need to be heavily financed & include tech know-how.

Then again, look at how YouTube started out small, and was taken over by the BigTimers.
So maybe if MILLIONS of grass-roots teenagers would flock to all the mall parking lots, with huge banners proclaiming INVENTIONS-R-US - WE BELIEVE IN OFFERING EVERY GOOD IDEA TO GET OFF THE GROUND & NOT BE SUPPRESSED...

...then that would create an AWARENESS & CONSCIOUSNESS to the extent that maybe the media would publicize the SPUNKY INITIATIVE BY BOY-SCOUTS REINCARNATED, and then maybe the same types of big-timers who took over YouTube, ...just might investigate (due to realization of the idea's growing popularity), yada yada for the rest, y'all are right that most of the world wealth is owned by fools or misers, which is why the world is so crummy, and real stuff never gets a chance.

Just read the book Body Electric by Robert O.Becker, and a zillion other books, for proof of idea suppression.

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