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By Opossum
Jaunty-John wrote:Although I believe it should be legal to use
an anti-tank missile on these morons cars,
a law requiring an decible meter to be install
on cars (stereo equip?) that either shuts off
the stereo or emits a squeal if the noise level
is to high, would suffice.

Nah, an anti-tank missile might cause damage to the street - especially if it misses, unless you had some sort of remote-control device that fired it off when they reached an unpopulated area...
By probass16
all i have to say is, that's dangerous. this could cause the car to go out of control, plus it would not only shut the car down, but it would break everything electrical. this would cost thousands of dollars to fix. that's what an EMP does. not to mention that an EMP for every neighborhood, would be INCREADIBLY expensive. there is a reason why only the military uses them, they're the only ones who can offord it. and as far as i know, you can't aim an EMP, it's a pulse, which means it's a wave that goes every direction. you oculd do what BOSE does, and make a jumbo version of their headphones. they pick up the noise, and puts out a frequency that cancels out the original sound. if a person is that disterbed by it, then they can get one for their house. i only read the original post of this, so i might have repeated someone, or done something else stupid. if i have done so, my bad.
By jrc0528
There are several devices already on the market to deal with unwanted noise; the oldest being a good ol' set o' earplugs. A newer idea is to use noise cancellation units (or headphones) that will eliminate (or greatly reduce) sound within an area.

Using an EMP cannon to discourage the use of loud stereos is like using a lightning cannon to zap those annoying drunks who insist on watering the city's trees and sidewalks. I suppose you would consider this a good idea as well? My you, sir, be lucky enough to take a drunken wizz and be struck by a lightnng cannon, my dear selfish fool!!
By pcolaboy
I live in the U.S. and remember very vividly that the Public Address (PA) systems at the baseball ballparks would occassionally pickup the audio from an aircraft's radio as it passed fairly low enroute to landing at the nearby airport. The audio coming through the PA's speakers from the aircraft's radio was at a very noticeably higher decibel level than it was at normal operation.

I've often wondered if a highly distorted signal sent over this same or similar frequency at short range would be picked up on a boom system in a car. I would imagine at the very least, if you could playback a disturbing signal going from one extreme of the speaker's range to the other in very rapid and alternating succession, you could at least cause the offender to turn down the stereo making him believe that his/her amp is overheating. Of course I would prefer to have some sort of directed microwave emitter to do permanent damage to the system but I think that the cost would certainly make it prohibitive.

I'm still praying for the day when silence is the cool thing for these idiots to do.

By Regtracker
i like the idea of the camera and audio recording but what else do you think that setup could be used for(invasion of privacy perhaps, especially in a residential area).

a focused transmission of noise that came through the stereo system forcing the occupant to turn down the stereo until it stopped would be a better alternative.
By Tired
Let's get real. Star Trek EMP guns (photon torpedos?) would never work; the ACLU would get them outlawed. Bricks, shotguns and the like would work, but would likely entail lenghty jail sentences. Here is a novel idea:
Since there are actually laws on the books in many places making it illegal to disturb the peace (in particular with boom cars), why don't the law enforcement officers actually enforce those existing laws? Yes, it is probably more dangerous than arresting pot smokers and writing traffic tickets, but is certainly less dangerous than apprehending murderers and rapists. From my experience the entire burden is placed on those who complain (Good Luck!, I am told), at the risk of having their tires slashed or windows broken. This is unacceptable.
It is high time that we took back our streets and neighborhoods from these anti-social gang bangers (I think that is what most of them are) who have basically found a way to beat the law and establish their "dominance" ---intimidate most people (including the cops).
A 300 gigawatt photon torpedo sure would be nice, though.

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By swimmer
Why not force car owners to have license for sounf system in their car ...
And the licence wont be given unless they have sound proof car cabin ...
By CreativeGene
The crueles thing that you can do to guys with sound booming is simply this: take t away from them.

By this I mean to have an electronic scrambler faced towards the road. This way their equipment gets scrambled, their noise is quiet, you don't have to interact with them or get into an argument or even lift a finger.

Best of all, they'll learn very quickly that some neighbourhoods will scramble their beloved sound an will seek elsewhere to try and bolster their egos.
By Thinkadin
EMP is an acronym for electromagnetic pulse. The pulse emitted by the device will disable all electronic devices of any kind within the blast area. This is an anti technology weapon concept still being developed and and it is extremely expensive technology. Experimental military weapons expensive. Also the devices are nowhere near perfected, they tend to indiscriminately disrupt anything in a wide and unfocused area when they are set off. It would disable every car, computer, cell phone, TV, microwave..etc. in the neighborhood and that is'nt going to help anyone sleep better. you are much better off investing in better windows and wall insulation, or the cheap way. earplugs.
By corey90
Bright idea there. If there is any, i would like to have it. There should programmed Emp shockwave that will hit that certain automobile with annoying loud speakers.
By faliena
I don't agree with the emp

However science has learn allot by sound so i imagen there a sound wave out there that can't be heard but can disrupt other sound wave

Other words if this sound wave is found which am sure it is out there yet can't say much since i don't know sound science a special sound wave could mute any annoying sound.
More precisely the radio use a special wave themselves so it shouldn't be to hard to find the right wave to disrupt radio wave.
By MikeG
Forget about EMP. How about a device that can be programmed to distinguish loud base speaker and point a beam directly at an offending sound source and have the speaker, all of the speakers in that offending sound source or certain base speakers, freeze in a Zero noise state. Speakers are essentially air pistons that move back on the negative cycle of an electrical signal and forth on the positive cycle of an electrical signal. This back and forth motion creates different degrees of air pressure which translates to various frequencies of sound. Sub Woffers need power, the more power the more bass they put out. So, my idea would be to render a speaker useless within a certain range and possibly use some of the power available to the high powered subs to accomplish this. This would not be something destructive, but rather something that would render a speaker useless within a certain range. Thoughts?
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By swimmer
Guys Linear "Laser " sound i there ...

Sound that does not propagate radially ! Only In one direction.

It can be installed in cars so only people in the car can hear it as the wave is directed upward.
By Manic1
I am sure many of you have had the experience of driving by a radio tower and having it overpower the station you are listening to for a bit. The answer is simple - have a powerful directional transmitter that will overpower the stereo and blast them with some Barry Manilow or Japanese kabuki music (think of Yoko Ono and a one string guitar). If this doesn't make them turn down the volume than nothing will! Soon they will learn where this happens and turn it down - or off when approaching the area!
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