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By Bertromavich
If you have ever studied electromagnets and have heard that for one bar to float over another bar their poles have to be aligned. Well then if everything has poles for something to become attractive, the poles must be aligned properly. Say you have a ship where the engine is a special electromagnet and the focal point on the destination display is a galaxy far away. The computer locates the main elements in that galaxy matches the poles with the engine poles and the ship starts to pull towards that galaxy.

I say we build a sphere that has matter in it, where the poles on that matter can be manipulated so the main strongest poles on any planet can be mimicked in opposite proportions and driven towards.
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By swimmer
Poles are exiting ... but are all the same ... and attract the same way .. cant guide a magnet through a pool of steel balls !!
By Highguard01
there are tons of engines with this polarity it is not new it dates back far older then you me others. it relates to the earth and our solar system this is a great proccess the buitiful
world we live in a north and a south. look up tesla,nikola he is what your looking for

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