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By elheber
elheberdamus knows the future. elheberdamus is also very full of himself. Therefore, elheberdamus will tell you of the future just for the bragging rights of being right.

This little tidbit is on the mervelous technology that is the Thermal Inductive Heat Sink. It's the reason mankind survives the oil crisis, the main reason why global warming is curved, and also the underlying reason for the end of World War 3.0 in 2026!

Your computer has tons of heat sinks, most noticably that big one smack-dab on your hot CPU. They dispell heat away from the hot stuff and transfer the heat to the air blowing out of your loud fans. Thermal inductive heat sinks on the other hand absorb and convert the heat into usable electrical energy! By 2030 they are in every new car, air conditioner, computer, wristwatch, and powerplant in the world.

The first TIHS (or simply Heat Sink as they are later called) was invented by a group of scientists in 2012 after one of them read an old post on a website about ideas. They created a primative and bulky energy converting heat sink using nanotechnology. Ironically, the nanotechnology is what made it so big compared to future chemical based sinks. They named it a "Thermal Inductive Heat Sink" (as you should very well know by now) because the were immature and were amused by the acronym spelled backwards.

These early versions were vastly ineffiecient; although by their very nature they were also allways 100% efficient. This, by the way, is because even if half of the energy output is lost as heat by the friction of the nanotechnology, it would be reabsorbed as heat anyway. They were expensive and only found in power plants to "cut losses" from heat diffusion.

At the height of World War 3.0 in 2023, scientists from all over the world joined in the leading technological country, India, to solve the energy crisis. The result was a chemical based TIHS that was smaller, cheaper, easier to manufacture, and more efficient (faster) that the older nano models. These next generation heat sinks were no bigger than a Post-It paper folded in half and could be stuck on anything thanks to its Post-It-like adhesive properties.

It's workings were brilliantly simple: Heat would bond a cocktail of chemicals into an unstable form that would inevitably split back, releasing electrical current in the process. And now, every household in the US, UK, Japan, and India had at least one working in some appliance. Temperate countries like Mexico benefited from having air conditioners with fans that were powered by the very heat they were removing. Everything became more efficient and geothermal powerplants sprang up everywhere faster than Wal-Marts.

This was the last we heard of the energy crisis, OPEC, global warming, and rich Saudi royalty with silver cars. Because of this, the TIHS will be forever known as one of the most important inventions/discoveries in the history of mankind. If not the most, certainly right up there with the Flux Chip and Virtual Sex Machine.

More on those other two at a later date.

elheberdamus out!
By Highguard01
you tube nikola tesla watch the video its not fake you only wish you knew more then ask yourself did the oil crisis have to be or atleast step back from big oil and do something for yourself after looking at him look up einstien and you may understand how we need to do more for each other anyways they where friends and einstien will state it forever in history he did very little but help out.

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