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By Bertromavich
Matter to Matter

Mission Statement:
Today our achievement of a foundation for the future of matter utilization has been met. We have a complex artificial life computer network that can take on the enormous complexity of the constant attention needed by future use of matter. We have also the prototype for the waste to matter process, which is key to developing the network from this prototype to the various off shoot uses that could be amassed by the machines function. It is our starting point to have a machine that can breakdown the atom and then reassemble it into a useful atom, but it didn’t start out this way it took many small inventions to make. It is monitoring devices that would monitor intellectual components of moving matter and laser cubes that would catch and transfer matter to a reactive location so that a chemical shape could occur between matter that has purpose in mind to form predetermined types of masses. We have a satellite that will make matter travel threw the air to form designs from super computers to excavated sites. We have a quantum computer specifically designed to transport and store matter for a circuit based network system. It was designed to transmute matter without trace residue of spirit through lan lines and wirelessly.

Vision Statement:
The concepts of my stories are to make a world where access to material impulse can be activated by ones brainwaves giving them the capability to make the desire of their material world appear before their eyes in any state and place that is suitable for them. The very uses of have access to objects created by matter is to have the daily necessities of life offering store type access to people without access to a store for a product they need on the spot and to achieve innovation in way to allow for constant access to creativity in the invention process. By making an idea conceivable in way that would allow a super computer to design a preliminary prototype in Cad form and then a visual representation that would allow the idea generator to view it with a T.V. screen override program that would allow an encrypted display of their invention and details of invention to be display only to that person by a genetic certainty that would be unique to that individual in the place where they are so that they are the only ones aware of what they are viewing on the screen, not interrupting the other peoples viewing pleasure.
The creation of a dual reality will also be a goal by making access readily streamable to create a matter mesh suitable for what the simulations within the computer network are suppose to resemble of reality known of our kind. Using this process we will be able to go further than we ever having before in discovering the physics of our known universe. The other solar system with different type of dark matter all correspond to a different placement of a composition of being and may actually respond to a different set of physics. If we could simulate other places in this universe we may be able to come up with a common code to analyze any physics scenario and use the knowledge of other places to one or the other to send message to intelligent life ideas that they could use on their planet and instruction on how to build or to make an idea compatible with our physics scenario either through machines or constant structural integrity of the product by computer augmentation.
A computer intelligence will be created that acts as both a guide and a diviner of the activities of our use of matter this is known as the phantom computer. Its capability is to create a communication between existing intelligent forms of matter and allow for the conversing and quality assurance meaning that the desires and most helpful form of matter manipulation will comply to the best chose of life for the intelligent form of matter. It is the hope that it will be like day spa for any matter existing and will maintain a certain respect for matter that exist to be giving a certain code of contact for computers to matter, from people to matter and if possible from matter to people and computers.
The only problem foreseeable is a change in governance and governance itself. The controls and adaptations of the environment in which we live in is totally connected to the order of governance and if the governance were in some way bad so would the environment be. So it would do everyone to concentrate not only on how one shouldn’t behave but to give allowance for laws to be created to accommodate how people are allowed to live to comply with the balance of right and wrong or as I’ve learned to make it so choices are better known for decision making and truthful contact between all others aside from ourselves and so that ourselves are more brilliant and encompassing our place and objectives amongst our world and others.
By Highguard01
wow sounds like internet to me pretty cool but whats everyone going to do? when say a warrior culture sends out a higher resonating signal frees your slaves you would of found yourself surrounded by free loving people remembering at light speed why would you want to make this? thank god for ac current

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