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By The Lonuh
I know that this has been tried with cars already but solar powered transportation is too good an idea to not apply to every other mode of transportation. I'd like to focus on bicycles here though.

It seems like one could attach two rechargeable, 12V batteries to a bike where a typical bike-basket would go which are recharged by solar panels set in the area between the two wheels and under the seat (and anywhere else they can fit, the more the better I guess). The batteries are also hooked up to a motor on the rear wheel of the bike which rotates the wheel.

I know that current solar power technology may not be sufficient enough to operate a car by itself but on a bike one could even ease the burden on the motor by setting the wheel into rotation with the pedals. The gears could be used for a more intricate way of operating an electric bike.

Cars need dozens of batteries but that's only so they can carry multiple passengers (plus baggage) to locations miles away. Bikes wouldn't need more than one battery to operate on due to the smaller scale of labour. I suggest two batteries though, so that the bike could alternate between batteries. This allows one battery to recharge without use while the rider can still ride the bike with it's already charged battery. Effectively providing a clean and infinite supply of moderately fast transportation.

Reward: A solar-bike for free and a little credit.
By jelley
What about for someone with weak/painful legs & muscles like me?

I think I'd prefer a Recumbent bike (but one that's narrow enough to be nearly as narrow as bicycles - and yet be able to go shopping to supermarkets and include a trunk to carry lots of shopping items. Tall order, huh? Maybe requiring Magick!
By greamjohn
Thanks for the information.. Its really good one... i want to try it...
By jonemere
I have an off grid solar home and enough spare PV cells to build a true sun powered bike. Maybe a recumbent with large flat sunroof/PV array. MPPT with small gel cell for reserve.

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