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By Veronica Orme
PLASTIC HOUSES - There are plastic water tanks in South Africa so is there a way plastic can be melted down, a mould made of a small house (check out the awful shanty towns). One could even have a small water tank attached to the house. A small solar panel could be installed that could heat the water up? It could be fire proofed in some way? The hovels people live in now have absolutely no fire protection, there is no running water so rain water could be collected.
Any ideas - anybody?
By henrygrik
The technology for this type of building product has been proven over the last 60 years in some of the most harsh and corrosive environments showing its durability and effectiveness as a polymer based material. It was developed by a manufacturing system to produce these composite polymer sandwich panels that will use no wood, steel or concrete in building of a structure. The material is so lightweight there is no need for a foundation as the structure may be anchored to the ground simply and effortlessly requiring minimal excavation. The structures are waterproof, bug proof, mold proof, hurricane resistant to category 5 winds, seizmic resistant and fireproof.

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