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By ztomasz
Imagine to drive the space ship with the engine which doesnt produce any exhaust - no matter is thrown under any form from the engine. The mass of the craft doesnt change. Just use the solar panels or nuclear reactor to produce electricity and you are good to go to Mars - no need to cary tons of fuel. Build the vehicle which hovers above the earth and doesnt blow any air - NO EXHAUST. It is not anti gravity just looks like this. Its not a perpetuum mobile and it doesnt brake any known physic law. It simple. Its rather mechanical device then sophisticated Star Trek engine. I know how to build it. I ve already made the initial calculations which prove it would work. I would like to build the prototype, but... But because of my work I travel a lot and dont have garage, I dont have tools. I was thinking to use prototyping software to create a virtual model but all the software I know is extremely expensive. Perhaps you know about the stuff which doesnt cost much or can be used in demo mode for some time???? Any suggestions most welcomed.


Reward: 1000000$
By rosetaylor01
hi there....

Your talking about a jet drive. you need a screened inlet, so small fish are not sucked in, but it's possible. You might want to use fans, like an air boats, but a boat that size is difficult. You might consider standard props, to take you to the general area of a reef, then jets to actually move over the reef. that way you can use much smaller thruster type jets, that are available. I once saw a surface intake on a test boat that would meet your needs, but I've never seen one actually placed in production. The Navy Research Lab at Carderock, Md might be willing to offer suggestions.

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