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By mossitekidgage
I'd like to come up with a way to stop animals from being killed on roads by cars. Possibly something that could keep the animals off the road? I know we can't raise all of the roads off ground.

Anyone have any ideas?
By rosetaylor01
hi there....

Well I was thinking about printig out a picture or sighn thats an awareness to animal abuse and then I would laminate it soo if it rains it wont get soaked , and then staple it to a stop sighn in my neighbr hood ! but now its against the law to " vandalise " the stop sighn . stupid laws ...
By davideliza
Hi Mossitekidgage,
Everything of this world is the creation of God. We have to save it. Human is the only creation of god who has great mind and nowadays this only creature have major population on this world. However it becomes the responsibility of human that save the other animal and birds also. There are also many creatures are going to die mens we have to save them otherwise we could see them only in photos. It is great idea to save animals.

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