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By westleybutter
My idea it to reuse the flood water in hard hit areas of flooding...With the use of filtered pumper trucks to eliminate larger debris we suck up the flood waters that are destroying an area. Transport the same water to areas that are in a drought situation and fill thier water is just a relocation of natural rain water to the areas that need it...This will assist those over flooded and those that need that water. Utilize the disabled vets to do the trucking and filtering.

Reward: to assist flood areas and drought areas with natural water..helping people and land recover faster.
By davideliza
Hi Westleybutter,
In many areas we can see the problems of food and in some areas drought. It is great idea to use the water of flood in thirsty area. as per my opinion we have to store the water of flood and pass it in other area by pumps. Otherwise we have to built dam on the river in lots of areas or in minor case also ca built ponds also. then pass the water from canal, underground pipes or other way. from that we can solve both the question about flood and drought.

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