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By The Classical Greek
A type of button that would be perm. or replaceable that have a fragrance. Any suggestions?
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By Michael D. Grissom
I spend almost all of my recreation time in bars/pubs/taverns drawing situation napkin cartoons for the people around me. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I'm gagged by someone smelling like industrial raspberry #7 concentrate or the like. Most people don't know that the nose becomes 'numb' to a specific strong scent like cologne or perfume within minutes of encountering it. It is the same reason people can't smell their own bad breath. So, minutes after applying a strong scent it is perceived as having diminished much quicker than expected and the solution always seems to be to put more of it on. Then, after a few scent re-applications, that person ventures out into the populace thinking they smell just right and never notice all those people trying to get away from them. It can be a truly horrible experience getting stuck on an elevator or in a vehicle, for example, with someone scent-overdosed that much and they don't even know it.

I would like to see "Smuttons" as scent detectors that glow a bright horrible unmatchable color (LOL) when the wearer has become scent-offensive to anything with a nose within range. Better yet, maybe an electronic sniffer for home use so that someone can check the strength of their BO, scent, breath, etc. before going out. This could probably best be made by modifying an existing breathalyzer.
By The Classical Greek
The fact that people can't control the volume of their perfume was part of my idea, it takes the guess work out of it plus it wouldnt be in nose height of most people, hence sleeves and mid chest, but I like the suggestion of odor readers!
By alexx_2010
I think that happened because our receptor in our nose don`t recognize more than 3 strong smell in the same time.

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