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By pdarcusio
An alarm clock that is motion sensored. It will begin going off five minutes before the set time. Once it has gone off it will begin to ring louder every 15 seconds. If you hit the snooze button it will give you until the set time that you have entered. If the motion sensor dos not sense that you are moving in the room it will go off at the loudest sound possible and the sounds will change every day so its hard for you to get used to it. There will be ten different sounds preloaded into the clock and will come out with new sounds that will be able to be loaded into the clock through a USB port on its side. As soon as it now your up and moving “for toughs non-morning people” it will begin playing relaxing music like classical, nature sounds and calming music… to start your day off in a good mood.

Reward: have one for life.
By craig429
Wow, this is a no-brainer. The RTC is a $10 part and the motion sensor is $5. A CPU with way too much power is another 5 or 10. The amp/synth shouldn't be that bad, unless we're talking 350W, and I know the iPhone can make some pretty annoying sounds just as it is. I wouldn't have paid much attention except that it seems HOT, so I'm good for this. You will be the alpha site for this?

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