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By fedrorpet
Hello everyone.
I got my 6700 about 2 weeks ago from upgrade on 3 and soon found out that this blue tooth problem - always freezing on the switch-on screen.*I have tried all the methods that were mention in the above thread but none of them could keep the blue tooth on permanently. I contacted the customer services and visited the 3 store but they were not very helpful either. However before I set out to fight for a replacement I think it might be worth a shot to mention an interesting finding about this problem here as I have never read a similar description before.

When I take the Sim card out of the mobile and switch it on to work under no Sim-card mode. The blue tooth can be switched on and off as many time as I want and can work perfectly. But when I fit the Sim-card in and switch it on just after a few minutes*the connection*will be*off again.*This won't sort the problem anyway but it*gives me one thought. Is there a possibility that Sim-card will interfere the blue tooth function? It's quite weird as I never heard that before. Hope this information would be helpful for someone somehow.
By jackvinsly
I think it is impossible to blue tooth work without seem card. I don't thinks about that if you have to do clear this solution so you are the great.
I really don't know about.your given this solution I can do .I like it,

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