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Hey Hey! This is my first tutorial. But because you people help me i will help you. Ok this is a simple tutorial so much people can understand. This is a tutorial for people who don't want to buy a mod chip

required = a sd-card , dvd-r (NOT DVD+R) , Internet on the wii!

Search on the internet for gamma 0.3 or wiigator 0.3 wii then download it. get it in you're application folder and put it on you're sd card

put the sd card in the wii and start homebrew! (if you dont know what homebrew is search for it on this forum)

Install Cios and yes you need internet.. if you can't install Cios, then downgrade the wii. That was pretty simple ect ect. Yes people it was! now some people ask do i always need mysd card? The answer is no. You can install a wad to youre home channel! A iso loader!

So now backup or download a game and we are gonna burn games!
Download a program like imgburn or nero set speeds on 2.4/4
and use a DVD-R NOT + but - burn it as a iso.
Wait until it is done

Put it in the wii. You have to wait 1 minute and then it starts. If it doesnt start then look at settings of the iso loader.

First tut of coen4622

questions? i will answer them!

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