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By genarate1
Did you guys know you could do this on the PS3?

I just read that most downloadable games can be install on up 5 different PS3s. This is aloud by Sony and is mentioned on the game information screen (hit triangle when you highlight a game) it that game allows it.

To do this, you first have to really trust the friend youshre with or remove all credit card info from you account.

You give your friend your PSN account username (or e-mail)/password. They then create a new user on their PS3 and sign in to the PSN using your account. Then go to the PSN Store, view the purchased downloads and download the game (or add-on content). They must remain signed in with your account until the download is complete and then install it under your name as well (otherwise copyright issue occur if they try and install it under there own PSN account). Once installed, any user on that PS3 can play the game. Sony does not prohibit this at all since most games are legally aloud to be installed on up to 5 activated PS3s. A friend of mine and I are going to try this tonight.

If you don't fully trust the person you can just change your password once they have completed there download. Also, it only works on one level of sharing. Meaning the person who downloads it from you can not turn around and share it with a friend of theirs from there own account.

I think you can even share some movies and TV shows purchased through the PSN Store. Also read that some closed Betas can be shared, I'm going to check and see if Uncharted 2 can tonight.

Can't wait to try this tonight. I' not saying we should start sharing each others accounts, just passing on some interesting info.

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