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By teeps
My wife and I have impaired hearing. We watch TV with closed captioning. We do not go to the movie theater, because we miss some of the dialog, especially whispers, fast repartee, and accents.

I propose some sort of closed captioning for movie theaters for those people that need it. Remember the cardboard glasses for 3-D movies? Maybe the captioning can be shown such that hearing patrons don't see it, but hearing impaired can read it with special equipment.

Reward: Fresh popcorn again in the company of fellow movie fans.
By channing
im deaf too and in my county i had to write a letter to some people to get our movie theater to get open captioning, and we got it. they only feature it in one theater but its worth it.
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By FlatTop808
A few systems for open and closed captioning have already been developed, but I don't think they are in very many locations.
Check out this link:
and also Google "movie theatre captioning" for more info.
By virole
Once i worked at a movie theater as an assistant manager and my primary job was to deal with complaints and comments. We rarely did get complaints about captions but that was probably because deaf people never came :( . We did play with some ideas but unfortunatly we ( the little people) couldn't do anything. My advice is to petition, hand-written not electronic, movie and film Production companies not the theaters to included closed captions. The majority of new movies that are released come in at least pairs showing in more than one auditorium at one theater. It seems that one could be close captioned and one not. That way you dont have to wear those silly glasses :). Best of luck to you on that and if you do decide to petition ill sign.
By helco
More movie theaters are starting to provide open captioning -- especially the multiplexes that can run captions in one of their many theaters. The theater near me runs one movie per week, one showing per day for four days. It is not publicized in the newspaper or on their web site, but they do have an email notification list, and a marquee at the theater itself indicates the movie.

It is likely that American theaters will soon be required to show at least some captioned films, thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act. I can't get the URL to reproduce correctly, but try googling Kozinski open captions.

There is a web site, CaptionFish, that helps people find theaters near them that carry captions, though their list is not necessarily complete.

Good luck!
By mrf
Google glass would be great. they could be provided by the movie place or it could be a complete idea for the hearing impaired to use anywhere they are. there could be a app that allows a simple scan to get the text in sync with the movie. they could even be 3D. the possibility's are endless. and here I went again giving away great ideas. how does a poor working guy make any money when I cant afford patents and have no connections?

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