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By bobina03
Hello there ,. i got a few questions as i just got a playstation 3 ,
my dad got me and my brother a ps3 both , and as i live in my own place , it's very annoying sharing game with my brother really annoying as he is younger and get's them back when he wants , so the big question is , if i rip our ps3 disks onto my computer and re burn them onto a blue ray disks with a blue ray burner would it work on my ps3 ???? ive been look for answer's all over the web and cant get a stright answer also if i change the file type to an iso file type burn the image with nero onto a blue ray disk ,
if this dont make anysence im sorry but im really not that clever with these consol .

any idear's would be most greatful .
thanks alot .,

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