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By amethyst8324
Why not make strollers in the shape of fire trucks or airplanes or princess cars? Wouldn't it be nice to see your kids wanting to go with you to the mall and excited to hop into their little train strollers without whining and complaining about how long it will take you to finish shopping, or asking you when they can go home already?
By marlindaniel
That was cool idea..did you do any time..? I wanna do it..because my child kills me every time while shopping. I am not having any idea how to start..Please post me if you ever executed to kid's stroller. Thanks in advance for any kind of help.
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By Xxistent
I like it. When I was that age, I just had a normal stroller :( . I'm jealous now. Lol, so if you see a 6 foot tall dude sitting in a fire truck stroller pretending to honk the horn, that would be me, I'mma reclaim my childhood!
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