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By gracken
okay, now I know that this idea or something very similar is already out there, probably has been for years, but at least I haven't seen it in any science magazines or discovery channel programs, so I want to just throw it out there, see what you think and tell me if you've seen something of the like out there and where, cause I don't even know what you would call this or what key words google it by

if I had invented this and it was my idea, I would call it cad vision

basically it would be like a computer screen (lcd, plasma, what ever) with a camera behind it, in which the camera would send what it sees behind the screen to the screen almost like there was nothing in front of you at all kind of like what that japanese engineer or doctor did in making people invisible by projecting what was behind them on them

this set up is very much what you would find in any camcorder you pick up these days

so, what's new you ask? well, the idea is that you don't pass the image directly to the screen but first pass it through a computer or at least it�s grafics card so that said device can say overlay the wire frame of say the blue print to a building or a cat scan

you can see where I'm going with this, right?

that way an engineer or fire fighter can be looking at a building and see things like where the load bearing beams are or where electrical instalations are

or a doctor can see where your bone fracture is

things of this nature

as you can see this is very similar to what you see in science fiction movies like the terminator where the robot sees you but also all these numbers and vectors superimposed on your image, except the key diference is that nothing is being scanned, we'd just be superimposing information we all ready have at our disposal, like say if you had access to a municipalities database of blue prints (don't know what you would call these)

another key idea is to this software would have to work in tandem with a gps and I would say digital compass (?) to give said computer position and orientation info, so as the engineer/firefighter walks through the building, the computer automatically updates the overlay of the building in their screen/visor the case of the building, in the case of say a doctor, you could put 4 or 5 trasmiters on key parts of your body to give the doctor�s computer some orientation of your body

and that is the final component, which would perhaps make things lighter on the computer's graphics card, instead of it being a screen it's instead just a visor on which you project just the wire frame on top of what you see through the trasparent visor, (maybe just using one of those laser projectos like the ones that project happy faces and things)

there are some things you'd have work out obviously, like algorithms to correct the image when the gps data is not correct, maybe with some image recognition, and it of course would be very cool if the information you trasmit to the visor would be downloaded wirelessly say from a satelite

that's another thing, depending on distance and processor speed the computer that does this wouldn't even have to be carried by said engineer/fire-fighter the camera would trasmit to the computer, and the computer to the visor

so....what do you think? you likee? or did I just waste the last five minutes of your day? :} be gentle

kay, toodles,

the gracken
By gracken
ah, da...rn, rejection is such biach, :(

You feel that sting, big boy, huh? That's pride F*****' with you! You gotta fight through that s***!
- Butch

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