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By partygame09
Somewhat of a newbie here...
I've successfully downloaded torrents using Limewire, extracted WinRAR, etc. I am also familiar with mounting ISO images, burning images to DVD, ripping DVDs and DVDshrink.

However I am having trouble with Wii games. I extract the ISO using WinRAR. But the ISO is not recognized by any ISO program I have tried, and I have tried several: DVDDecryptor, PowerISO, Daemon tools lite.

Now NERO appears willing to blindly write the file to a DVD - but still it does not show what the contents of the ISO file are.

I know that original WII disks are not readable on most DVD readers, but it was my understanding that downloaded wii games converted to ISOs should be burnable on any DVD writer.
And yes I have a wiikey - just havent soldered it yet

Also these games are 4.14G (not double layer)
The actual torrents are from piratbay:

I cant believe all 4 of these are bad ISO's
Any ideas?

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