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By katherinea
Hello. I didn't quite know what company to contact, so I thought I'd leave this "upgrade" idea with your company. The Product: A "Bullet Demagnetizing Uniform"
How: By finding an element or material, that works against the material(s) bullets are made of, causing the bullet to fall in "mid air" even at high speeds. The Style: Helmet w/ Chin Strap, covered with the particular demagnetizing cloth or material.
Full Uniform (top & bottom) layered with the demagnetizing cloth or material.
Shoes covered with the demagnetizing cloth or material.
Hand Gloves layered with the demagnetizing cloth or material. I don't want any acknowledgement for this "upgrade" idea. Just the use of it used in all of the cities of all 50 states here in the U.S. in the Police Field, FBI Field, Armed Forces, Etc. Maybe even extending to fields as security officers, bank tellers, etc. Good Luck! As if you all need it.

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