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By Diederik
We have develloped an sms to screen solution..


Nightclubs / Bars / Pubs

How does SMS2SCREEN work for Nightclubs/Bars/Pubs?
When you are holding an event our SMS2SCREEN software would allow your customers to send text messages to the screens in your club. This creates an interactive atmosphere as well as providing you with valuable information. As more and more customers send messages from their phone to the screens our software simultaneously builds a database of all your customers. For your next event (or even the same evening) you would be able to send a bulk text message to all of the people that used SMS2SCREEN. This gives you the opportunity to thank your customers and build customer loyalty. Encourage your guests to interact! SMS2SCREEN allows your clients to send short text messages to the screens in your club. While guests are having fun chatting and flirting on the projection screens you are simultaneously building a database of mobile numbers.

We are looking for For persons who helps us to put it in the Hole world
By oliver8008
Hi Diederik,

Yes that sounds like a good idea.

It could be fun with letting some interaction or feedback with a DJ, or compitition.

It could be also a small safty thing, like when you get lost from your friends when drunk, you could call out to where you are, or they are. Good luck with it.

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