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We can desine a system or a small device which is useful in the energy saving on the sreet lights presend on roads. As we all know that lights are ON in night time, and there are moon too present at hat time and its reflect light too on ground.. so we can se that light for the lightning the streets..
The idea is like this ...
1)if the moon is on its full glow, we can we can decrese the power of the buld.

2)the street light and moon light will mix together and light the street in full glow.

3)as we know that there are diferent moon light at different nigts, so there should be one sencer which will sence the moon light and tell the processer that how much power it should use to light the bulb.

4)when the moon will be on its full glow the sencer will provide less power to glow the street bulb, and when there will be no moon light at night, the sencer will provide full power to the street bulb.

5)here we can divide the noon light in different stages.. i.e. from 1 to 15. here sage 1 will be minimum light and stage 15 will be the maximum.

6)sencer will have a database, which will have all data.

7)a small microprocesser will take care of all that.

8)This system will save more than 40% of total electricity, which are used to lightning up the streets in city..

i think so......

Reward: This is just a basic idea, how we can save the power.. i do have full parer work on this projet, but unable to download that..

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