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By rabber07
Follow these 4 easy steps, that will explain you how to download all PS3 games from The Best Media Online and then play them on your PS3.
Step 1:
First: Join The Best Media Online and get ready to search the enormous PS3 games database on what you want to download.
Step 2:
Download your PS3 game and then convert it with the PS3 conversion software that can be found when you are logged into the members area. This is most important, because without this conversion process the PS3 games will simply not play in your PS3.
Step 3:
Burn your converted PS3 game download to a DVD recordable.
Step 4:
Insert the burned PS3 DVD game disc into the PS3 and PLAY!!!
The detailed instructions on how to do all this are also to be found in the members area. The Best Media Online offers you complete, easy to follow step-by-step instructions.
When this still isn’t clear to you, use their 24/7-technical and customer support.
Stop wasting your time and hard earned cash on buying PS3 games, and get access to the largest and fastest growing PS3 games library online!

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