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By Cross platform I mean that it should work on every platform possible from Phones, computers, to set top boxes. Basically it need be written in Language that makes it easily portable. It should have the same functionality in regards to how the internet works on it (ie, the experience should be the same visually. If it has flash on the computer it should have flash on the phone). Some aspects of functionality devices own themselves. (keyboard, mouse, or other input device.) The browser should offer full support the modern web (flash, java, silverlight ect). Security is essential It should be easy to use. The big Idea Is that the majority of the browser should be built server side. All of the rendering and all the complex muscle work should be done on a server. On the end users device a small and light weight shell that sends the server the signals of what to do (http destinations, and mouse clicks and all of that) and receive the signals from the server side browser. The servers signal should be compressed. The end users shell should be light weight and use very little resources. The speed at which the browser works need be only dependent on the speed of the end users internet connection. The basic 3g celluar service should be able to stream video to the end user from most to all internet sites that stream video. There are various open source technologies that can be used to do this and the product can be given away for free when it is finished. The person who provides this service would be able to profit from advertisement revenue (all dependent on how many people use the product. But if its fast and it works on alot of platforms it should become popular fast.) The creator of such a product could be the one who later offers the service or larger business entities (microsoft, google, apple, opera, ect) would be interested in buying it and deploying it themselves. In the end it would be a win for the creator, deployer, and end user. Cloud computing is big deal and this is a *beep* good Idea.

Reward: Someone simply making such a browser would be reward enough

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