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By ericlamda12
My organization used to have an audio system and a conferencing bridge, with analog telephone service, to allow anyone to dial into a public conferencing system, to listen to the audio inside the organization, from a phone at home. Now, to save costs, they decided to eliminate the use of a public conferencing system, and decided to just have a private conferencing system, inside the organization. To do this, they decided to get a VoIP phone system. Now, they have a cable modem for VoIP phone service, a Linksys wireless router, and a PBX. Before they got VoIP, they had 2 phone numbers, but I am not sure if they still have the same phone numbers. In this case, what is the PBX used for? Does it act as a bridge for the conferencing system, to allow people to dial in, to listen to the audio coming from the organization? Is there anything else that the PBX could be doing in this organization? Also, why is a PBX necessary?

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