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By superdude
I make and sell USB storage worldwide, to expand the business and looking for new business model, I have an idea of loading ads/commercials on these USB storages before selling it, so to generate more revenue from selling the ads, in additions to selling the USB storages. However, I want to be careful on how to go about doing this as people may get annoyed by these ads if they were not done correctly. For example, I may not want to these ads pop-up on the screens like these annoying ads from the browser. Any idea is welcome, thanks for your help and the creative thinking.
By oliver8008
Hi Superdude,

Re:Sell Ads on USB Storage

I imagine that there could be some link with adding something with instructions on how to use / manage / and save on USB and other storage. I am a heavy net user but not a "techie" but I am frustrated at the only way to learn anything is by reading "help". If you place preloaded video and or audio instructions for the USB devices, it may, gain "care" feelings by users.

I am shocked that such audio or video instructions are not preloaded on to my MacBook.
By jhonkevin
These one is good thread and I suggest you to put the autorun.inf file in USB driver or any autorun plug-in-play devices and write slam HTML application. and its open in new windows and some times all directories and its subdirectories are open in new window.

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