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By Steve
Hehe, wouldn't say that - there'll definitely be a lot of money for them on the table as the couples try to re-negotiate their contracts. :-b
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By Michael D. Grissom
I'm not sure I follow that Steve... has the price of boxing gloves gone up all that much? :-)
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By CycoMage
I, being particularly irreligious and not neccesarily law-abiding, see very little difference between 2 possible legal contracts (as described in posts above), except that 1 has an expiration date set, and the other needs a legal settlement (often including prolonged litigation, animosity, and restraining orders) to end it. As the old argument goes "If we really love each other, why do we need a piece of paper to prove it?". Maybe the 5-year contract could be used to see how both parties react in a legally-bound relationship, before they go to the god of their choice, or justice of the peace, for a more "permanent" contract. If so many mariages didn't end in abuse, homicide, and savage divorces, noone would be seeking alternatives. I've been wed, and consequently divorced, and will never make that mistake again. A 5-yr. contract, on the other hand, even I might accept. B-)
By Tyger
Marriage is forever and I don't want to change that concept. It is new idea and needs new vocabulary created just for it. It would be legally binding and treated just like normal marriage.

S.T.A.M.P could stand for Short Time Alternative Maritial Partnership. (Does that mean that spouses would each be called stampers? :*) ) I'm sure people could come up with a better phrase for it.

Robert A. Heinlen is one of my favorite authors. He writes of this situation and makes it sound plausable and positive.
By Karenpendragon
There are two types of marriage at present:

1: Civil marriage, which is nothing more than a contract that grants a long series of rights and obligations.

2. Religious marriage, which is about sacred love, family, and all that wonderful stuff.

We tend to confuse the two. I'd like to eliminate civil marriage in order to make things a lot more clear. As a substitute, I'd like to see a "legal kin" status generated that would provide most or all of the current legal benefits of marriage with none of the expectations around sex or romance. It would simply be a way for two or more people to establish that they consider each other immediate family, and should have all the appropriate rights of hospital visiting, shared insurince, child rearing, etc. etc.

I can imagine two levels of "legal kin" contracts: limited and indefinite. The limited contract might be renewed annually and offer a more limited number of rights and obligations. This could be entered into easily and dissolved easily.

An indefinite legal kin contract would include more rights, more obligations, and more hoops to jump through, including a successful trial period on a limited contract. Once an indefinite legal kin contract was entered into, it would be pretty much "till death do us part." It would be possible to dissolve an indefinite legal kin contract, but it would be as difficult as severing legal ties with your blood kin.

Neither level of "legal kin" would presume that the relationship was sexual or romantic. This has nothing to do with who gets to visit you in the hospital, nor who will raise your children if you die.

Marriages would be returned into the hands of various faiths, to handle as they see fit.
By sebin
hey...A movie was made with this sort of concept in my state. The movie was in tamil. In the movie, the contract period was for 1 year (it was Heroes Idea) and after the period the hero left his wife (as per the terms of the contract), after few days the hero falls in love with his wife again...and eventually they get married...

This idea might work in bringing long term long the person is with you nobody cares and only when that person leaves they know the value of that person.
By sarahtia
Marriage is something you have to commit yourself wholey to. It's not something, that after a while you can just say, "Well, alright then. We had our fun but it's been five years and I'm pretty bored." Marriage without love is common, but it shouldn't be.

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