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By fantakey4
Okay here is the story... im blond lol! so things like this happen to me alot.:( okay so i just got a new phone (the samsung intensity) and i was outside playing basketball when i set the phone on the outdoor table... and well i went inside to eat supper and it started to rain during supper i realized my cell phone was missing i looked everywhere i even called my best friend i had went shopping with earlier to find out if i had left it in her car... but then it dawned on me i had left it outside in the rain i ran as fast as i could grabbed my phone stuck it under my shirt so it didnt get more wet and when i got inside i quickly removed the battery took a small towel and dried off all of the parts. i layed it under a medium sized lamp and i am planning on leaving it there for the next 11 hours... i have no rice at home i know that would help but.... if there is ANYTHING else i can do PLEASE PLEASE! help me. i need my cell phone for my buisness, i will owe you forever if you help me with this! please help me as soon as you can! thank you!

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