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By ratnakar
I am a stockmarket daytrader and it really bothers me how no one has started a great virtual daytrading game. I am sure there are millions who would be interested to learn without the risk.

Reward: if anyone does know of any free daytrading site, please let me know.
By Mistermacc
I have just been on the site had a game, it is really easy to use and gives you an idea of how to play the real 'game'...
By EricMortensen

We have a virtual daytrading game on TV in Scandinavia with millions of players. It´s a great idea like you say. We also have it on the internet here. By accident I came accross this forum and can "maybe" give you an exellent idea:

IF you look for a real stock game where you can benefit huge I have the right address for you. Please email me at:

A few facts:

- my stocks here has risen 374% in 20 months and raise drastic
- as a customer I have never seen a "fall" in these shares
- Sometimes we see the shares raise 30% over one week
- In the worst case you can´t loose more than 20%
- the company I´m involved with invest in the most lucrative real estate areas in the world, in brilliant online solutions and entertainment (3 of the most popular assets to invest in - there´s a huge demands for these assets/products)
- Some people invest $ 200, other people invest $ millions
- there are only 2 stocks and because it is a Private Stock Exchange there´s no influence from the outsite ... only influence via the price of the dollar
- These stocks are estimated to raise up to 1200% over the next 20-24 months and Í´m 100% sure that this goal will be reached
- after this there will be a split and many millionaires will be made EVEN they started as very small investors ...

Personally I LOVE it and also make a living by introducing other people to it. We are 60.000 serious investors worldwide now (September, 2004) and at least 10.000 new investors come on board each month.


email me at:

Eric Mortensen
By florin.diaconeasa
where could we get the stock info from? and in what form?
By Paddywack
Try these out :

Which is the London Stock Exchange Fantasy Trading Game


which again is a similar type of fantasy game.

for both of these you are given an imaginary amount of money £50k and you can invest this as you see fit. There are some rules particular to each site - mainly to do with not having all of your portfolio invested in 1 stock - but nevertheless these both work with actual stock values (delayed by 15 mins)

Have fun

By DFahrer
Nah, forget those other sites. is what you're looking for! Players can pick any stock, taking either a “long” or “short” position and the site will then rank everyone against each other based the accuracy of their picks and the average returns for the day. The more correct picks you make the more military rank you earn. You can even earn special achievement awards for exceptional picks such as making a 7% gain on a single stock in one day. Plus you don’t have to bother with managing a virtual portfolio, everything is just based on your average day trading returns each day. Oh, it’s totally free too!

Neat Stuff. :)
By invest1006
Could we build a program where people put in some small amount of capital(say $10 week), we then give them some fake capital they can invest. At the end of each week, we distribute the pool of money to the top people who come out on top and us(the company with the software) takes a small cut. Is this legal? If so, I would be interested and have developers and servers.
By thecroth
Personally I've been using lately to simulate what it would be like if I were actually investing in stocks. It's pretty realistic and well put together. They've got contests where you can win real money but I haven't tried to take advantage of them yet.

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