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By blackadder34
Hi, it my first post so here goes...

I saw this idea posted and it got me interested:

Create an online country. New citizens will be allocated a place in
society at random. Their status will change through interactions
(or lack of them)with other citizens. Once a substantial population
is in place political parties will form and there will be referendums
and elections, creating a true online democracy.

Its only a breif idea but I like the idea and since I'm a programmer was woundering if it was worth doing?

Would you play it?

What if I could find a way to make real-world money with it?

I'm thinking a complete mini-world with most things you find in the real world, people set up bussinesses, natural disasters, armies and ecomonies

So basiclly just post with a "Yes" or a "No" if you would play it.

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