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By arh428
Democracy, as very few seem to realize, at least in my country, is not fair at all. While the mejority of people may agree on an issue, only the people effected should have a say towards the final result.
For example, the mejority of the people of California voted against *beep* marriage. THis is in no way fair, because although everybody voted on the issue, only gays were affected. Why, then, should people besides the affected party get to vote?
My idea, is that a government would be comprised of hundreds of smaller government bodies, each of them representing an individual piece of society. Each group would vote on its own issues, and tax its own members. Each member would get an equal vote, but would have to pay the designated amount to join the group. If that person could not afford to join a group, they would be put in the lower class group.
The power of each group would be mediated by a council of one representative per 10,000 members of each individual group.

Obvously this is not perfection, so any feedback would bew much appreciated. ( and please ignore any spelling or typing mistakes.)

Reward: none

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